Thank You, Keith.

“That woman is an idiot!”
—Keith Olbermann

Hoping Keith Olbermann makes this one of his regular weekly comments.
We’re certainly going to.

(Unretouched AP photo)


  1. she’s the paris hilton of politics. her getting the nod to run for veep was her sex tape. since then, just like paris, the media have decided that she should be famous, so they broadcast every word the utter idiot utters. faux news is her mtv/entertainment tonight. just like paris, she gets a reality show for no other reason than being famous. hopefully, princess sarah will soon be going to jail, just like paris. you don’t see paris much these days, as she’s been replaced by the kardashians, lady gaga, and whoever else is the flavor of the month. the same thing will happen to princess sarah. it can’t happen too soon.

  2. Propagandee Propagandee

    Stephanie Miller claims that she uses audio from Sarah Baracuda’s speeches to sandblast the algae off her pool and to scare the raccoons away.

    How long before those audios are auto-tuned and used to torture prisoners at Bagram?

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