How’s That Anti-Government Thingy Workin For Ya?

Palin lying through her teeth about oil company campaign contributions

I just love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

Bob Cesca nails it:


A major corporation, not unlike General Motors or Bank of America or WellPoint, failed to properly outfit one of its deep-water oil drilling platforms with the proper failsafe mechanisms and a chain reaction of death and destruction ensued. The Transocean Deepwater-Horizon oil rig, leased by British Petroleum, exploded and eventually sank 5,000 feet to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, snapping its drilling riser in several places which, consequently, is spewing black gushers of oil into the ocean at a rate of upwards of a million gallons per day.

And suddenly all of these state’s rights, anti-government takeover Republicans are demanding a government takeover of the capping and cleanup process. (If only someone had blasted uninsured Americans in the face with reddish-brown crude oil, the health care reform bill might have received a few Republican votes.)

Bobby Jindal, the state’s rights small government governor who tried to block stimulus money from entering Louisiana (though it didn’t stop him from eventually accepting giant checks during photo-ops), is demanding that the federal government take over the handling of the disaster.

Jindal said in his now infamous TV address, “Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C.”

Zing! POW!

But now, with a different kind of eruption 25 miles off the shores of Louisiana, Jindal can’t walk past an open microphone without begging for the federal government’s help in cleaning up BP’s mess. A government takeover of a private corporation’s mess for the sake of protecting American jobs and natural resources? Sounds not unlike the justification for the recovery bill and the bailouts.

Last weekend, Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News Sunday with her shrill, staccotto word salads and made a similar case. She very clearly contradicted Rand Paul, whom she endorsed, by wondering why President Obama is “taking so doggone long to get in there, to dive in there…”

Hmmm… Obama as Aquaman:

Sarah can see Aquaman from her porch

Cesca continues:

So one half of the 2008 Republican presidential “drill, baby, drill” ticket which, by the way, accepted $2.4 million in contributions from oil companies (double the amount donated to the Obama-Biden ticket), called for a government takeover of the BP situation, and lamented that it wasn’t happening because the president’s campaign accepted oil money. This is such a twisted, Mobius Loop of backwards logic and opposite-day thinking, it’s difficult to summarize it without also becoming trapped in the same tangle of stupid. Something tells me that’s the whole idea. Anyway.

Here’s Sean Hannity, who very likely repeated the Luntz “government takeover” meme more often than any other Republican last year, complaining that the president and the federal government “outsourced” the oil spill crisis to BP — the very company that’s responsible for actually creating the mess. “Outsourced,” we’re to assume, as opposed to spending taxpayer money to solve the crisis.

Hannity himself said, “This is the worst environmental disaster and [the administration] did nothing from day one.” And, “Bobby Jindal has been begging for help and it’s not been forthcoming.”

In the U.S. Senate, the anti-bailout, anti-spending Republicans have been filibustering any Democratic effort to lift the $75 million liability cap on oil spill damages, effectively bailing out the oil companies and potentially forcing the federal government to cover any damages above and beyond the limits of the cap. Put another way, once an oil company reaches $75 million, American taxpayers take over, and Republicans like Senator Inhofe are working hard to keep it that way. Once again, just like the bailouts, the Republicans are embracing privatized, free market profits, but socialized losses.

Now that crude has begun to wash upon the shores and wetlands of Republican red states, any superficial bumper sticker griping about socialism has been temporarily forgotten.

That’s the bitch about building a party platform around specious, shallow platitudes. They might be effective in terms of rallying the easily-led, low information base, but as soon as practicality steps in, all sloganeering is dropped in lieu of confronting and dealing with reality. Subsequently, these alleged free market state’s rights small government anti-regulation southern conservative cardboard standee Republicans continue to demand federal help and socialized taxpayer money. The Republicans are demanding redistributed wealth from Pennsylvania and Vermont and Illinois and New York and Massachusetts with all of its socialist bleeding heart tree-hugging environmental wacko liberals.


The Rethugs spent the last decade allowing the oil companies to write their own rules, appoint their own regulators. Now it’s blowing up in their faces. (Just wait till the hurricane season begins a few days hence and starts transporting some of that oil into their swimming pools hundreds of miles inland). Out of power and exposed as the shrill, whiny hypocrites they are, all they are capable of doing now is bitch, attack, and obstruct.

That could change for the worse this November should they regain control of the House and the subpoena power it brings. Ken Starr, call your office.


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    On good authority, I hear that those teeth are from the Flintstone’s Dino the Dinosaur, which Sarah shot from her time travellin’ helicopter machine.

    1. Isn’t it wonderfully appropriate? Big ugly chunks of conspicuousness-consumption-ness slung around her throat, screaming, “I wouldn’t have good taste if Satan hisself jammed it down my throat with the power of ten million butterfly sneezes. What a silly lyin’ bitch.

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