Oh My Oilmageddon God (Update)

Yesterday during my daily sorta nature walk, I made the mistake of tuning into NPR. First thing I hear is the breaking news that the scientists they hired to estimate the amount of oil gushing from the BP rupture could easily be 14x the previous estimate, equal to the amount of the Exxon Valdez oil spill every four days.

It was like getting kicked in the stomach.

Prior estimates, based on how much oil was visible on the surface, started at 1000 barrels, then raised to 5000 barrels a week later. During that time BP didn’t release the video that was subsequently used to make the new estimate, about 70,000 barrels a day, give or take 20%.

Another factor that made the surface calculations wrong is that a lot of the oil is being dispersed underwater, invisible to overhead satellites. I’ve heard of one massive plume moving slightly above the ocean bottom. A few minutes ago I heard the Coast Guard commandant say the underwater dispersion is irregular, globs here and there. Whatever the actual dispersion pattern, the amounts are staggering.

Another unknown is just how toxic the hundreds of thousand of gallons of chemical disbursement being sprayed on the surface oil is to the marine food chain. Pending is a decision to use the same basic gunk on the oil spreading beneath the surface as well.

Meanwhile, Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon platform that blew up and is now sitting at the bottom of the ocean, convinced a judge in Huston to stay individual lawsuits against the company. Such consolidation requests are not uncommon when large amounts of individual plaintiffs are involved. What is unusual– I mean what really sucks– is Transocean’s citation of a 150 year old maritime law that would limit its liability to just under $27 million.

To add insult to injury, Transocean stands to make over a half billion dollars from the companies that insured the rig.  Somebody should file a lien against that asap.


And not to be outdone, according to the lead story in today’s NY Times, the Obama Administration:

…has approved at least three huge lease sales since January 2009, 103 seismic blasting projects and 346 drilling plans. Agency records also show that permission for those projects and plans was granted without getting the permits required under federal law.

Reading that was like getting kicked in the balls.

At this rate, I’m gonna run out of anatomy.

UPDATE ONE: Re that decision to use underwater dispersants?  Done:

Government Approves “Unprecedented” Deep-Sea Dispersants

by JASON DEAREN, HuffPo, 05/14/10  6:43 PM

NEW ORLEANS — Federal regulators have approved the use of a technique to fight the ballooning oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by shooting chemical dispersants 5,000 feet beneath the sea.

The chemicals break apart the oil and keep it from reaching the surface.

U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry said Friday that three previous tests were done on the technique at the leak site. She says scientists with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration got enough data to approve its use.

Landry says the “unprecedented” deep-sea injections have not yet been used, aside from the tests.

Louisiana Health and Hospitals Secretary Alan Levine says federal regulators dismissed state worries about the chemicals by giving approval. Levine says there is virtually no science that supports the use of the chemicals.

The EPA did not immediately comment.

Outta sight, outta mind.

Just sayin…


  1. Avatar rob

    I am glad you made your peace with God I Pray you accepted Jesus as well 🙂 other propechies that were foretold have been fulfilled the most important being the reinstatement of Israel as a Nation. God has also built up and blessed the “new roman empire ” and is proceeding to judge us now. In John’s vision he would have seen our military dominance , our greco-roman cities and also the symbol of the eagle as well as our senate … the beast is already in power the obama nation that brings desolation search you tube plz for ” obama 12 of 19 ” long story short we are a end time church that will suffer through the tribulation ….the left behind series is the biggest lie it make s Christians complacent TY for this forum Propagandee id like to read the trial of lucifer is it in book stores? ty rob

  2. Propagandee Propagandee

    Hi known1:

    Good handle, BTW.

    Your comment intrigued me, so I did a little research on the color of post-mortem blood, to wit:

    Within minutes to hours after death, the skin is discolored by livor mortis, or what embalmers call “postmortem stain,” the purple-red discoloration from blood accumulating in the lowermost (dependent) blood vessels.

    The pictures of the surface water oil slicks I’ve seen thus far is more light brown and golden in color, consistent with light crude.

    But thanks anyway. I enjoyed the diversion!

      1. Propagandee Propagandee

        Hi rob:

        Known1 made the identical point (you aren’t related are you?), citing The Book of Revelation’s 16:3 that reads:

        Rev.16.3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea.

        Granted, the oily gunk we’re seeing now, in contrast to the golden colored gobs that first appeared, does match the blood color of a corpse.

        My take on The BOR is most likely different than yours, however. Per The Urantia Book, it is a fragmented work of a much grander, more eloquent vision that suffers for the problematic translations that have been attached to it:

        When in temporary exile on Patmos, John wrote the Book of Revelation, which you now have in greatly abridged and distorted form. This Book of Revelation contains the surviving fragments of a great revelation, large portions of which were lost, other portions of which were removed, subsequent to John’s writing. It is preserved in only fragmentary and adulterated form.

        In the year 2000, I visited the barren, rocky Greek Isle of Patmos. There is a monastery there that acts as the gateway to the cave where John is said to have experienced and recorded his vision. Entering the cave, I began to meditate, hoping to find insight into these arcane, superhuman affairs.

        Though I was impressed by the sense of reverence I felt, likely the result of centuries of pilgrims who have prayed and worshiped there, I didn’t come away with any particular insights into the book’s composition or it’s intended meaning.

        However, shortly thereafter I did write my first screenplay, titled “The Trial of Lucifer”, based on The Urantia Book’s historical and philosophical treatment of what it calls “The Lucifer Rebellion.” So that hallowed place may have impressed me in a different, unexpected way.

        While I can’t accept the various interpretations and doctrines that have become attached to the BOR’s fragmented content over the centuries, I am mindful that the planet is reaching a critical tipping point and that a season of sudden change is upon us. Having already made my peace with God, however, I don’t feel any special need to REPENT, ala the Atonement doctrine.

        For an example of what I mean by planetary tipping point, see my most recent posting: “Oilmageddon: The Sequel.”

        Thanks for stopping by.

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