Rand Paul Just Can’t Help Himself

After realizing he stepped in it with Rachel Maddow over his stance that private business should be exempted from the Civil Rights law, Rand Paul went on Good Morning America and in this account by TPM, tried to steer:

…the conversation toward something more recent, President Obama’s criticism of BP following the oil spill. Paul said: “This sort of, you know ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,’ I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.”

Un-American? Really I’d chip in a few bucks to run an ad juxtaposing that clip with the devastation that BP will have inflicted on the Gulf wetlands and wildlife between now and the November election.

Paul continued: The President’s reaction is “part of this sort of blame game society” where “it’s always someone’s fault.” Paul added: “Maybe sometimes accidents happen.”

So does negligent homicide and environmental ecocide by corporate assholes trying to maximize their profits by cutting regulatory corners,  asshole.

While my first choice would be to have Democrat senatorial candidate Jack Conway win the election, that would be difficult even in the best of times in a state that makes billions killing millions with its number one agricultural export.

But given a choice between him and Mitch McConnell’s defeated understudy to command media attention every time he opens his mouth, I gotta think this is a no-lose situation for the Dems.

While half baked Alaskan former governor Sarah Palin and her Fux News associate Glenn Dreck have a natural a ability to connect with the teabaggers’ lizard brains, Paul has the emotional affect of a bag of moldy potatoes. Instead, he has to rely exclusively on his intellect to communicate.

Can’t wait to hear Rand’s views on Libertarian positions like legalizing drugs and prostitution; closing down the Department of Education; repealing the Americans With Disabilities Act; repealing the Fair Housing Act, etc., etc.

No wonder he bailed on his agreement to be interviewed on Meet The Press today.

Run, Rand, Run!


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Hi Carol:

    Thanks for stopping by. But before I comment on your comment, I’m not sure how you are using the term “political slant.”

    Are you using it in the sense of an inclination to react in a particular way; “the set of his mind was obvious”? As in, say, a progressive versus a conservative bent?

    Or are you objecting to associating The Urantia Book with things political in general?

  2. Avatar Carol

    This site would be so much better if it were not political. I love what you are doing for The Urantia Book, but your political slant offends me. I am just one of many, so I can’t be the only one offended.

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks for your opinion. Urantian Sojourn is about Life on the World of the Cross— not merely a site that promotes The Urantia Book in a politically correct way that you, or some others might prefer it be done.

      If you’re offended by our “political slant,” perhaps you identify with the very type of politics we tend to find offensive. Over the years, I’ve encountered a number of Urantia Book “readers” who are offended by anyone who would dare mix politics of any kind with religion. I think of them as people who choose to read the Papers selectively, ignoring the vital role that politics plays in our life on Urantia. We are the lovers of truth in unorthodox raiment the book warned you about.

      Jesus told the apostles that in the generations to come, many who are not wholly worthy will do many strange things in his name, but he would not forbid them. Indeed. And he added: “I tell you that, even when a cup of cold water is given to a thirsty soul, the Father’s messengers shall ever make record of such a service of love.”

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