The Wave Of The Future

BP Gulf Wave
I found this anonymous image floating down the twitter stream today. I’ve only slightly enhanced it in the style I paint my own waves to emphasize the new BP color palette. If you want to see the evil, you must click it.

As a visual artist, I have lofty goals, goals designed to artistically reveal the secret beauty locked in nature and the imagination;  to attempt in my own peculiar way to reveal an infinitesimal part of the infinite beauty of creation that surrounds us.  More than a year ago I started a series of paintings featuring waves, originally created by the Pacific ocean where it meets the shores of Oahu, and some of the beaches of California.

So it is with no small amount of exasperation, anger, and sorrow of soul, that I observe a few obscenely wealthy corporate oil executives are responsible for taking an enormous defecation in the oceans of the world.  In doing so they have taken a huge step towards the destruction of our entire world;  they have unleashed the folly and the fury of their unmitigated selfishness upon us all.

They have also temporarily usurped my tiny personal life project, by inadvertently redefining the image of the wave for many decades to come— including the last remaining decades of my time on this planet, Urantia.

Wave Seven  — SectionSeventh Wave by Terry Kruger (section)

I’ll continue to paint the pictures I intended.  I still have visions of redefining the beauty of waves, and other personal leitmotifs, commensurate with the power of many new tools available to artists today, that allow me to glimpse— in startling ways— the beauty of the natural world.  But not in an ivory towered vacuum of idealism, devoid of awareness of those bent on destroying the very things I love and cherish.  There’s a new gauge being formed for those who love this planet,  and it’s redefining the necessity for, and scope of, our eternal vigilance.

We humans will through time and suffering, eventually overcome even this, the most recent horrific, egregious, and grotesque defilement of our own nest. 
But finally— can we begin to recognize the absolute absurdity of allowing a relative handful of greedy, careless, materialistic assholes to “own” a natural planetary resource, for the soul-less purpose of accumulating vast amounts of personal wealth, the rest of humanity and the earth itself, be damned.  Can we now finally see it is the soul property of all mankind, the treasure of our earth.

It is another redefining moment for mankind. Will we use it, or lose it?
Or will we continue to let these particular assholes steal our lives— and livelihood— at the expense of theirs and the life of this planet?
The question remains unanswered.

Jesus did not look with approval upon the refusal to employ force to protect the majority of any given human group against the unfair and enslaving practices of unjust minorities who may be able to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or ecclesiastical power.  Shrewd, wicked, and designing men are not to be permitted to organize themselves for the exploitation and oppression of those who, because of their idealism, are not disposed to resort to force for self-protection or for the furtherance of their laudable life projects.

—The Urantia Book


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    One good UB quote deserves another. From Paper 72: Government On A Neighboring Planet:

    The income from natural resources. All natural wealth on the continent is held as a social trust by the federal government, and the income therefrom is utilized for social purposes, such as disease prevention, education of geniuses, and expenses of especially promising individuals in the statesmanship schools. One half of the income from natural resources goes to the old-age pension fund.

    On this particular world, specifically the USA, we’re lucky if we receive even a minimal royalty on our natural resources from the frakking transnational oil industry. Imagine funding social security and medicare with royalties received from OUR own natural resources! Radical idea, that.

    Humbly submitted by what BP’s Chairman called today: one of “The Small People.”

  2. i very much prefer the second pic (especially because some of the waves on the center right look like dolphins!). how sad it would be if kids in the future could only see beautiful ocean waves in paintings.

    p.s. terry, i took your advice, and i finally made a pic that’s super-big!

    1. Hey Nonnie, I don’t think it will come to that, but then I didn’t think it would come to this, either— my folks used to shell on Sanibel Island, and although shelling is no longer allowed, I hope the beach is still alive.

      And wow I’m so glad you tried working bigger! Your special genius will shine even brighter now that it’s bigger. 😉

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