Please: Refudiate Yourself

The Fail Whale overloads Twitter again.

It’s easy to ask people you don’t know to “refudiate”— you just tweet it out— and keep on  sippin’ your diet soda.  Refudiating yourself, however, is a much more difficult proposition.  Not because “refudiate” isn’t a real word; well, until a couple of days ago. Now it is a word, and a damned good one, too.

You know as well as I do that the “f” in refudiate is nowhere near the “p” on the keypad Sarah Palin used to create the tweet heard ’round the twitterverse.  It wasn’t a typo.  Rather was it the sloppy way a non-thinking person hears, and uses, what they believe to be words.

And it’s merely coincidence that the word “refute,” which Palin misused in a follow-up tweet trying to clarify her first tweet, can be seen as intentionally conflated with “repudiate.”  Refute and repudiate are sometimes confused, e.g., one could repudiate something or someone by silently turning one’s back;  to refute something or someone requires disproving by argument.

Here’s Sarah’s argument:

And here is the refudiation of her argument. “Peaceful Muslims” take note.

Hard not to notice her blatant religious intolerance condescension bigotry there, I know, but when you limit your self-serving “statesmanship” just to 140 character bursts, nuance is simply out of the question.

So “refutiating” yourself— arguing silently to yourself that you should publicly cease and desist— as in, STFU— is more than just a free-will choice to stop behaving like a colossal waste of flesh.   It signifies a genuine sensitivity to the actual truth of the beliefs you’re using to grotesquely bludgeon other religionists into your way of seeing thee world.

Of course Palin isn’t the first so-called Christian to do that. But her current symbolic importance to America’s redolent religious bigots as both a leader and potential presidential wanna-be, make her the most obvious religious bigot.

And for that, we thank you.  Maybe now we can begin to stop reporting on every stupid tweet this twit twoots.


    1. Hey Vink, sorry this is slow in coming, but fucking off takes time. :mrgreen:
      Totally excellent point. Only cowards fear religions and the religious; but then, nothing Palin does reveals any genuine religious insight at all. Even the most fundamental (and I use that word intentionally) understanding of the teachings of Jesus recognizes the importance of his saying, “Love your enemies.”
      That woman is an idiot.

    1. Indeed, Nonnie. And I have to wonder: how much smaller does a mind have to be to think she could actually run this country? Fuck terrorists; the micro-minds that do think that are the real threat to our country.

  1. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears when I saw this and I–am hukt on foniks.

    For me what makes it particularly rich is that she has no sense of humor about her own foibles. Too bad too. Life is too short as it is.

    Oh well. We have all known that Alaskan Barbie is no Cunning Linguist.

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