They Will Be Assimilated

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If the Borg ever show up on our planet, Urantia, seeking to absorb intelligent life into their corporate, hive like mind, our best chance of survival is to offer them the Rethugs as an appetizer.

As Laurence Lewis wrote over at Kos, in a post titled: The Republicans are not on your side:

The message is simple and easy, because it happens to be true. On issue after issue, the Republicans prove that they don’t care about people, they only care about their corporate owners. Last week, they blocked an extension of unemployment benefits. This week, they killed it. They also ensured a pay cut to doctors who accept Medicare patients, ensuring that fewer doctors will, and that those on Medicare will have more trouble finding medical care. But while they’ve been busy hurting people, they’ve also been busy helping corporations.

With the BP oil gusher destroying the Gulf of Mexico, Republicans are having to pretend not to be defending BP. Meanwhile, they’re criticizing President Obama for trying to protect people from BP. It’s always the same. They protected the banks from financial regulation. They protected the health insurance industry from real health care reform. They killed cramdown, which would have protected homeowners from losing their homes. The list goes on and on. Issue after issue. Year after year.

When have the Republicans supported legislation that helps people at the expense of corporate special interests? When have they proposed such legislation, on their own? Don’t hurt yourself trying to find examples. They’re rhetorical questions.

Perfect food for sabotaging the logic circuits of  the Borg,  I’d say.

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