Avast Ye, Maties! It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Shiver me timbers and I be shiverin yers

From The Devil’s Brethren: the Evolution of Pirate Counter Culture in the Caribbean, by Timothy L. Sullivan:

[P]irates…were a relatively conservative population with a mix of traditional and progressive characteristics. They were egalitarian, with little differentiation between the members of the crews; democratic in decision making, electing captains and deposing them when they failed to fulfill expectations; and open to accepting and cooperating with members of different , and even cultural and racial backgrounds…

They also had a very good social security style retirement plan.

Another fun fact about pirates. According to “The Oxford companion to politics of the world”, we get the word filibuster from filibustero,

…used to describe pirates and mauraders who plundered the Spanish West Indies and other parts of the Americas. The term came to be used to describe a rebellious technique for disrupting Senate action.

Take that, ye curs!


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