When a photo of Ohio congressional candidate Rich Iott showed up this week in a Nazi uniform, other pictures like the one above began blitzkreiging around the internets, showing various Tea Party candidates reveling in the uniforms of the most despised military thugs in human history. That’s noted homophobe, Crazy Carl Paladino, with candidates Joe Miller, Rand Paul, and Sharron Angle, all resplendent in cheap Nazi drag.*

Some borderline sentients think dressing up like Nazis is just good fun.  And nobody has more fun in the run-up to the midterms than the Republican Tea Party.  But just because you actually play dress-up in a repulsive uniform it won’t bestow the qualities of genuine leadership upon you.

It would seem the American electorate is suddenly confronted with a stunted bumper crop of bona fide lunatics.  But the climb out of the evolutionary slime is always long and arduous, especially for the least qualified among us.  And the emergence of more than a half-dozen spectacularly unqualified candidates who’ve swallowed the stupidi-tea of the disaffected right has been festering towards political power since Ronald Reagan was a tiny little troglodyte.

Alaska’s Joe Miller renders the stiffy salute, along with bunker mates Sharron Angle, Colorado’s Ken Buck, and crazy Carl.  The picture has garnered attention because it has been doctored to appear “historical,” and gets bonus crazy rating because all the candidates are wearing cute little Hitler mustaches.  Note the Republican Tea Party flag— “Liberals” are the new Jews.

The age-long struggle of the human race towards a modicum of planetary enlightenment is inextricably linked with spiritual progress.  It’s completely understandable that the surviving traditionalists and “conservative” dregs of a disappearing past would fight for their right to ignore change, remain the same, and try to drag mankind down the ideological hole in the dark they live in.

This private 2007 photo taken at a party fund raiser shows Herr McConnell with token party chair Michael Steele preening for the faithful, as der Boner-shlanger looks on.

It’s not going to happen of course, progress is inexorable. But the battle will be protracted, brutal, and fitfully bloody, and will defy logic, fact, and reason at every turn.  The ultimate consequences of allowing large numbers of our citizens to remain uneducated and brain-washed by a 24/7 propaganda tool of greedy corporate overlords must be a price we’re willing to pay;  for if we don’t, the uniforms we’ll be forced to wear won’t look anything like the snappy monkey suits of the Republican Tea Party SS.

*Well, except for Miller. I dunno WTF he’s wearing.


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    To quote what one of great satirists of all time, Mark Twain, said about the Teabagger mentality all along the historical watchtower:

    It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.


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