The Fraudclosure Crisis (Update 1) (Up 2- South Park Edition)

This is a good intro to a much longer post that I will be posting about the Banksters in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

Found it at The Daily Bail with the following headline:

« BOMBSHELL VIDEO – Greenspan Admits To Rampant Fraud & Illegal Activity In U.S. Banking System While On Jekyll Island Stage »

By Dr. Pitchfork

Alan Greenspan made a stunning admission this Saturday at the Fed’s shindig on Jekyll Island. Sitting on a panel with Ben Bernanke and former NY Fed president, Gerald Corrigan, Greenspan says that many of the actions which led to the financial crisis were “certainly illegal,” “clearly criminal” and amount to outright “fraud.” You’ll notice in the clip that Bernanke was pretty clearly unsettled by Greenspan’s remarks. That’s because Greenspan just admitted what many of us have been saying for years— that crimes were committed in the financial system and that no one has been held responsible. No one. Not a single indictment from Eric Holder and Team Obama. And all of this has happened under the nose of the current Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke. That would be the same Ben Bernanke who takes credit for bailing out the people who committed those “illegal,” “criminal” acts of “fraud.”

UPDATE ONE: 11/17/10

Matt Taibbi uses his usual sharp witted scalpel to dig into the Great Fraudclosure Scam in this month’s Rolling Stone in an article titled:

Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners: Retired judges are rushing through complex cases to speed foreclosures in Florida

It’s a long one but well worth the read.

UPDATE TWO: 11/24/10

The Cartmans from South Park dramatize how the bankstas do their thing.

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  1. I believe that the reason Barack selected and has kept Bernanke .Geitner and others associated with Goldman close is he and his counsel want to be on the right side of history when this whole MBS thing sugars off. He’s making what looks like irrational decisions for a progressive president. Laying down crumbs of bread and leading those responsible to their day of judgement.

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