Bachmann Appointed To Intel Committee

The inmates are truly taking over the asylum

Bin Laden must be dancing the Muslim equivalent of the jig:

Bachmann lands slot on Intel panel

Rep. Michele Bachmann, one of the most outspoken conservatives in the House, has won an appointment to the secretive House Intelligence Committee.

The move by incoming Speaker John Boehner to put Bachmann on the panel surprised Republican insiders, who see her as a fiery grass roots leader of the tea party movement but not necessarily a leader on national security among House Republicans.

Bachmann once suggested that Congress should investigate whether Democratic lawmakers were pro- or anti-America, and she’s been a cable TV favorite because she’s known for colorful sound bites.

Members of the Intelligence panel receive classified briefings in a secure conference room in the Capitol, and are sworn to secrecy about most of the committee’s activities…

Appointing Bachmann to the House Intelligence Committee is like appointing:

Inspector Cluseau to head the CIA.

Orly Tate to head the Census Bureau.

Mel Gibson to head AIPAC.

Sarah Palin to head PETA.

Pee Wee Herman as the strength and conditioning coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Michael Vick as the spokesperson for Purina Dog Chow.

I feel safer already.


  1. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    OMFG This is the worst news I have gotten all week. And you are right, terrorists everywhere are doing a crazed Jig. I know that if I were them, I would take great delight in watchin the USA self destruct in slow motion. I suspect it must be a lot like watching the rack-a-thon clips on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Only with more slapstick idiocy.

    1. Propagandee Propagandee


      That’s sayin a lot, especially given your Green Dragon post, which I found instructive (if not scary).

      Tried to comment there but I never can seem to get past the Blogger authentication routine.

      BTW, you can resize your Youtubes to fit your column length by multiplying by .75; IOW, instead of 640×390 replace it with 480×293 in the embed code.


  2. Propagandee Propagandee

    I’ve heard Tweety comment a couple of times now that she always looks “hypnotized” — he’s really having a difficult time trying to figure her out.

    Too bad Stewart and Colbert have the rest of the year off. I guess we’ll have to do our part to take up some of the slack.

  3. i covered this story today over at the raisin. i loved this comment by infidel753 about how the media speaks about batshit bachmann:

    She’s an “outspoken conservative” in the same sense that Fred Phelps is an outspoken theologian.

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