Dupes And Dolts


With all the confusion about who’s who and who’s doing what in Libya and whether regime change is the real goal or not. When even The Newtster says bomb one day then cries that we should never gotten involved in the first place, thank the Gods we have Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to zero in on the real conflict– the battle between CNN and Fux News reporters over who is a dupe and who is just a lazy hotel barfly.

In order to accept that particular framing, however, one must suspend one’s disbelief that the words “news” and “Fox” aren’t mutually excluisve. After all, as Colbert explains, Fox did send “not a reporter…with a camera” to Daffy Qadaffi’s compound to check out the story of whether reporters were being used as human shields as part of a Libyan government propaganda ploy.

As for CNN’s veteran war reporter Nic Robertson, I seem to recall him incorrectly demonstrating how to inject an anti-anthrax shot during the first Gulf War– wrong part of the leg, Nic– requiring a network do-over. (In an emergency, you might only get one ‘shot’ at it.) .  But Nic’s come a long way since then. Staring down tyrants from Saddam Hussein to Mohamar Qadaffi should put him in a good position to deal with the cretins at Fux News, who really do know something about the use of propaganda.

Jon Stewart has more, praising Fox’s cleverness “…for so quickly putting the Libyan crisis in service of their real mission– patriotic self-promotion.”

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