GOP Declares Emergency Session!

Anthony Weiner takes it to the House

Forget record foreclosures, near depression levels of unemployment, 50 million medically uninsured, and the prospect of draconian social cuts in the face of record deficits at home.

Forget the devastation of a 9.0 earthquake, 30′ tsunami waves, and radiological contamination from failed nuclear reactors in Japan.

Forget the two unsustainable wars we’re already waging against Arabs in Iraq and Afghanistan, even as we contemplate a third against Qadaffi in Libya.

Forget our deteriorating public schools, public infrastructure, and Teabagger governors intent on destroying public sector unions and imposing economic martial law.

What the Rethugs really fear, to the point of calling a special emergency session in Congress this week, is the Tappet Brothers and their enablers, NPR.

Good to know.


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