We Help Get The Boot

A tactfully cropped version (below) of our Michele Bachmann‘s Wingnut Parade graphic above, showed up in a slide show used by talented Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown, which was coincidentally about the time officials at the Republican Leadership Conference cut his mic and escorted him from the stage.

Of course, we’d like to think it was our graphic of Bachmann in a giant wingnut hat that sent the censors scurrying and got him yanked, but you can never tell what will set the Goppers off. It could just as easily have been that little hippy cat in the corner.


Notice the strategery in their cropped version which removed our website tag.


The slide appears at the 46 second mark.


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Good catch!

    Checking my subliminal memory, I do recall seeing the image in the lower left corner of the screen when it first aired but managed somehow to ignore it.


  2. whoa! sue them!

    there was actually nothing new in his act. i think he just goes on the internets and finds “jokes” other people have already told. even the sanford & son was from a rightwing blog or in an email and was considered offensive by most people when it made the rounds. this guys cardinal sin was that he wasn’t funny.

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