Back Draft Ricky

Old Backdraft Ricky is MIA while Texas succeeds in incinerating itself.

I didn’t think it was possible.  But yes; Lil’ Ricky Good Hair has stolen the batshit crazy mantel from Michele Bachmann as easy as a 12 year-old bully steals candy from a kindergartener.

You had to see it to believe the self-righteous sense of “only the strong survive” in Perry’s pander to “ultimate justice” wankers, you know, that if you’re tried for murder in the great inferno that is now Texas, they will roast your ass in the electric chair; and the double-down on stupid and outright lies that the nation is playing a “ponzi scheme”⦾ on its own citizens instead of giving the money to, say, the wealthy.

But what really set the tone of the debate for me was not Ricky’s death-dealing bravado, but the enthusiastic applause he got from morons who applauded the execution in Texas of more than two-hundred convicted murderers.

Don’t misunderstand. I support capital punishment— for numerous crimes— including betrayal of governmental trust by dickweed politicians just like Ricky.

But it’s one sick thing to applaud the execution of human beings, even convicted murderers. It’s quite another to be unwilling to express even a glimmer of compassion for those who may have been wrongfully executed by the state.

We’re not done with you, Ricky.  Not by a long shot.


    1. Right, right, and right again, nonnie.
      I wish we could pay you a six figure salary to contribute to our blog every day, so you could bring that fake movie business satire over here and just tell it like it is! 🙂

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