Rethugs Eating Their Own

Texas Gov. Rick Perry supports nation building abroad but not at home

The Teabaggers’ latest flavor of the month, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, has enjoyed a meteoric rise to frontrunner status in the Grand Obstructionist Party‘s pursuit of the White House.

But as his positions on issues like immigration, where he supports a state version of the ‘Dream Act’ that provides public higher ed funding for the children of undocumented immigrants; sex ed, where he supports public funding to vaccinate 12 year old girls against the papiloma virus; his jihad against Social Security , upon which the majority of the Teabagger demographic depends for its daily bread; and his support for hugely expensive nation building in countries like Afghanistan while at the same time dissing Dem plans for nation building at home,  Perry is doing a fine job of shooting himself in both feet.

Which suits the Wall Street wing of the Rethug Party just fine. They need the Teabaggers’ votes, just not their choice of candidates. It appears that the banksters have decided that Mittens Romney is their guy. And so they will do their best to set Teabagger faves Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman against each other while Mittens takes the high ground, and the lion’s share of their money, all the way to GOP nomination.

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