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Jon Stewart compares the Occupy Wall Street and Teabagger movements

As the Occupy Wall Street protest movement spread to cities all over America, including Los Angeles, Boston, Tampa, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia — Amy Goodman reported Friday that people in some 800 cities are trying to organize their own occupations– the M$M has finally taken notice. As Stewart points out in the clip above, their previous coverage had only two settings-  “blackout,”  e.g., NPR had totally ignored coverage for the first ten days; and “circus,”  e.g., a couple of topless women were enough to garner some early attention. (Cue Bob Hope‘s theme song: “Thanks, For the Mammary…”)

In addition to the usual suspects at Fux News, Hannity‘s hypocrisy was especially notable: “They really don’t like freedom,” he sneered.

Coultergeist played the N Card, comparing the occupations to the time: “… when the Nazis were coming to power” adding  This is always the beginning of totalitariansim.”

Limpbot was particularly exercised (now there’s a cognitively dissonant allusion). In an implicit acknowledgment that OWS is stealing some of the Teabaggers’ thunder, yesterday he changed his previous characterization of progressive reaction to the ‘Baggers from one of “fear” to “jealousy.”

Leave it to the Ruling Class’s chief pimp Rep. Eric Cantor to deliver the GOP’s standard class warfare, insanely hypocritical talking point: “Believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans.”

A key difference between the two movements is that where the early version of the Teabaggers put Wall Street corruption at the top of their agenda, it has nearly fallen off their radar screen now that they have been co-opted by the likes of the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey. As Paul Krugman  pointed out his column yesterday: “…we may, at long last, be seeing the rise of a popular movement that, unlike the Tea Party, is angry at the right people.”

And via Washington’s Blog comes this from Jim Quinn, who writes at The Burning Platform:

Sorry MSM, but your storyline of communists, socialists, unions, and Obama supporters being the force behind the Occupy Movement is nothing but bullshit. All you old farts on this blog who think the Millenials aren’t worth spit, are about to get a rude awakening. This Fourth Turning is starting to take shape. [Note from Washington’s Blog: “The Fourth Turning” is a book on the cycles of history, endorsed by such a diverse group as Newt Gingrich on the right and Al Gore on the left. “Millenials” (sic) is (sic), basically, a group of young people within a certain age range.]

A generational war is coming. The Millenials (sic) are not dumb. They can see they’ve been screwed by the older generations. They didn’t create this debt. They didn’t make promises that can’t be kept. They didn’t build an unsustainable military empire. But they are the ones being stuck with the debt and no jobs. They have a right to be pissed off.  The future is still cloudy, but I think I see conflict and chaos coming to a city near you.

What he said.


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Seems that her former career at The Great Vampire Squid has prepared her for her new gig as apologist for the oligarchs at CNN. Some thoughts from Glenzilla:

    “On her new CNN show on Monday night, host Erin Burnett was joined by Rudy Giuliani’s former speechwriter John Avlon and together they heaped condescending scorn on the Wall Street protests while defending the banking industry, offering — as FAIR documented — several misleading statements along the way. Burnett “reported” that while she “saw dancing, bongo drums, even a clown” at the protest, the participants “did not know what they want,” except that “it seems like people want a messiah leader, just like they did when they anointed Barack Obama.”

    ….This is far from the first time Burnett has served as spokesperson for Wall Street; it’s basically what her “journalistic” career is. She angered Bill Maher a couple years ago when arguing that the rich have suffered along with the poor and middle class as part of the financial crisis, and that it would be wrong to “soak the rich” because they’re already paying so much taxes. She caused Rush Limbaugh to gush over her when she argued on TV in 2007 that all Americans benefit when the rich get richer: “the majority of Americans directly benefit from what happens on Wall Street,” she proclaimed, just over a year before the financial collapse.

  2. the usual suspects don’t bother me, because they’ll pooh-pooh anything that doesn’t enrich themselves and their rich friends. the one who really pissed me off was that twit, erin burnett, on cnn. she did a whole valley-girl dismissal of the people marching on wall street. she went down there (slumming), and, of course, she looked for those who looked the fringiest. i don’t watch cnn, but i saw the clip, and i wrote to her to tell her what an obnoxious snot she was and how cnn will dump her as soon as she gets a few more wrinkles, because they certainly didn’t hire her for her gravitas.

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