Herman Cain’s Classic Libya Fail

Cain continues his comedic impersonation of a serious presidential candidate in this disastrous sit down interview with the editors of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Asked to weigh in on President Obama’s rather adroit handling of the removal of Libya‘s Dictator For Life, Muammar Qaddafi, Cain acts like a victim of a teleporter malfunction.

I mean, this wasn’t a gotcha question like ‘Who’s the president of Dumbfukistan?’ I mean, it’s not like Libya wasn’t front page news for months. Or that this was an ambush interview in a parking lot elevator.  He had weeks if not months to prepare for this  interview and he couldn’t look more out of his depth. Doesn’t this guy have even a mediocre staff to help him prepare for these things?

To be on the safe (compassionate) side, I’d suggest putting his  big money donors on suicide watch for the next 48 hours.

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