Happy Holidays

USojo Greetings 2011 Happy HolidaysHappy X-Thing from TPK, Michael Hart, Propagandee, Saitia, various coneheads, random cherubim, Santa Clawz, and the Big Kahuna.

The entire cast and crew of USojo take this opportunity to wish you the very best that life on the World of the Cross has to offer this Holiday Season.

We remain humbly grateful to each of you that visit us here in the b-sphere— randomly or regularly— and especially those of you that are awesome authors and artists of your own blogs, and still graciously find time to share some precious moments here with us;  we know you know you know who you are.  And yeah, even those that still just come to see that effin’ giant scorpion on the Judge Bybee post. 

As readers of The Urantia Papers, we have it on good authority that Jesus was born about noon on August 21st, 7 B.C.  But any day you want to celebrate the birth of God-made-mortal is cool with us.  Although the once lovely pagan/stolen celebration remains fraught with all sorts of American Christian social quaint-itudiness (a real word as of today)— what with all the munnies being made around every orifice of the holiday shopping tradition— we still say, screw all that.  It’s the celebration of the birth of a Divine Being incarnate as one of us, and that continues to blow our tiny minds.

So today we ask you to contemplate this, if you would:   The Creator of this world and everything else in the incomprehensible vastness of space made a brief personal appearance on this planet some two thousand years ago.  And as human beings living today, we are still challenged to grow into the full awareness of who and what we really are, just as he did.  So it bears repeating:

Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.
The Urantia Papers

Yeah the last two thousand years have been tumultuous to say the least, and the last few especially so.  When the resurrected Jesus ascended from this world he left it with his Spirit— The Spirit of Truth— but without the visible presence and guidance of celestial beings.  And that threw the doors of darkness, stupidity, and ignorance wide open, and it continues to threaten to swamp and sink our little ship as it steams out onto the high seas of an unknown future.  So we might as well take a modicum of satisfaction in the assurance that planetary change— for the better, and soon— is inevitable.

A new and fuller revelation of the religion of Jesus is destined to conquer an empire of materialistic secularism and to overthrow a world sway of mechanistic naturalism.  Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.
The Urantia Papers

You could be so comforted and inspired, so enthralled and intrigued, if you would only allow the [Indwelling Spirit] constantly to bring forth the pictures of the real motive, the final aim, and the eternal purpose of all this difficult, uphill struggle with the commonplace problems of your present material world.
The Urantia Papers

So we hope 2012 turns out to be another year everything changes.
But even if it’s not, it’s still vitally important to become fully aware of your status and station as a cosmic citizen of the universe.  We urge you to fully indulge the hope that springs eternal in the human breast, read Those Papers, and above all, live in joyful and divine expectation;  and always be of good cheer!

Happy Holidays!

We’ll be in recharge mode through the 2nd.
See you then


  1. Avatar William

    It would be nice if this vile and disgusting nonsense was not linked to the Urantia Book. [sic] You certainly have the freedom to write anything you want, but including Urantia Book quotes is not cool.

    I know this probably won’t be published, and will do nothing to change this sites policies, but thought I’d write it anyway

    1. Avatar Michael Hart

      Periodically we are visited by a supposed Urantia Book reader who feels compelled to tell us how we should or should not be associating our writing with The Urantia Book.

      We usually publish such comments, even when they lack any coherent thinking or real contribution to our articles or discussions, such as the one above, simply to point out once again how contrary their notions are to the teachings of Jesus as revealed in The Urantia Book.


      “How can you expect that all who will believe the gospel shall be subject to your direction? Rejoice that already our teaching has begun to manifest itself beyond the bounds of our personal influence. Do you not see that those who profess to do great works in my name must eventually support our cause? They certainly will not be quick to speak evil of me. My son, in matters of this sort it would be better for you to reckon that he who is not against us is for us. In the generations to come many who are not wholly worthy will do many strange things in my name, but I will not forbid them. I tell you that, even when a cup of cold water is given to a thirsty soul, the Father’s messengers shall ever make record of such a service of love.” —159.2.1 The Urantia Book

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