Faking Sincerity (Update1 & 2)

I really wish the Prez would stop breaking out into song like this.

You know what happened last time, when he sung a little Al Green. Willard tried to show us that he is cool, too, and the very next day grabbed a mic and mangled a few verses from  America the Beautiful. Cable couldn’t get enough of it (like the Dean Scream) and fortunately, the gold braided Gucci loafer I tossed at my teevee screen went wide.

I don’t who Romney’s authenticity coach is, but he should be fired. Obviously he hasn’t been able to instill into his pupil George Burns‘ first lesson in acting:

“Sincerity – if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

Here’s a clip from yesterday showing Willard sucking up to an audience in Michigan, trying to prove what a regular guy he is. I’ve seen better animatronics at Disneyland.

Seriously, this guy is giving autonomons a bad name.

UPDATE 1  (2/23/12)

Speaking of gynecology, who can forget this classic about OBGYN’s from former President George W. Bush:

Too many OBGYNs aren’t able practice their love with women all across this country

UPDATE 2  (2/26/12)

WAPO’s Alexandra Petri is similarly struck by Willard’s artificiality:

Mitt Romney’s normalcy in artificial environments like GOP debates is only exceeded by his artificiality in normal environments — like, say, Michigan. Some attribute this to the Uncanny Valley — that space that dolls and CGI creations occupy wherein they are just real enough to be unnerving.

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