Key Romney Adviser Gets Etch A Sketched For Being Gay (Update)

Stewart explains that the video of Fischer’s homophobic rant is blurry because it’s being broadcast from 50 years ago

Well, that didn’t take long. Two weeks after appointing the openly gay Richard Grenell as his foreign policy spokesman, Cowardly Lyin Willard Romney etch-a-sketched him from his staff as a result of pressure from the GOP’s extreme homophobic wing.

American Family Association‘s Bryan Fischer exulted in Grenell’s sudden “resignation” calling it “absolutely huge.” Citing the Washington Posts reporting on the matter, Fischer said it was “very clear[ly] because of pressure put on the Romney campaign by the pro-family community.”

Not that Romney’s throwing Grenell under the bus is out of character. Recall Rush Limpbot’s nearly career ending personal attack on Sandra Fluke, when the Gargantuan One called her a “slut” and a “prostitute. ” Romney’s courageous response? It was “…not the language I would have used.”

If Romney can’t stand up to extremist bigots like Limbaugh and Fischer, how would he as president stand up to the rest of the world’s scumbags, those with more than just the power of the media at their disposal?

The Romney Pandering Tour will continue next week when he addresses Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell‘s Liberty University. Presumably he won’t be asked to throw Mormonism under the bus, though given Willard’s track record of moving the campaign ball forward a yard or two by saying anything at anytime to anyone, you just can’t exclude the possibility.

UPDATE: 5/5/12  Bryan Fischer repeats our question, and then sticks the shiv in between the Cowardly Lyin’s ribs:

Let me ask you this question, people have raised this question, if Mitt Romney can be pushed around, intimidated, coerced, coopted by a conservative radio talk show host in Middle America, then how is he going to stand up to the Chinese? How is he going to stand up to Putin? How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me? I don’t think Romney is realizing the doubts that this begins to raise about his leadership. I don’t think for one minute that Mitt Romney did not want this guy gone; he wanted this guy gone because there was not one word of defense, not a peep, from the Romney camp to defend him. They just went absolutely stone cold silent, they put a bag over Grenell’s head, they even asked him to organize this phone conference and they didn’t even let him speak at the conference that he organized.



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