Magical Rethug Thinking

The zombie eyed granny starver demonstrates his compassionate conservatism

Having done my share of restaurant dish washing as a teenager living on Maui in the early Seventies, I found myself laughing out loud at this clip of Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan scouring pots and pans that had already been cleaned. (Notice how deftly Ryan, who Charlie Pierce calls “the zombie eyed granny starver”, prevents the camera from seeing the inside of the pans.) The venue for this overly staged PR puff piece was a volunteer soup kitchen, which just might go out of business should Ryan and Mitt Romney win the election.

As shown by a recent analysis of the Joint Committee on Taxation, a bi-partisan Congressional committee equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, the proposed Ryan-Romney tax plan is mathematically impossible to achieve.  The central feature of that plan is an across the board 20% tax cut (which overwhelmingly favors Romney and his fellow uber rich). In order to pay for it, even if the vast majority of the largest tax loopholes and deductions are eliminated, including charitable contributions that makes soup kitchens and other vital community services possible, the revenue raised by eliminating the write-offs  would  total something like 4%.

 Making up the deficit between 4% and 20% is pure faith based, trickle down, voodoo economics, predicated on all kinds of assumptions about “broadening the tax base.”  Which is precisely why the Romney-Ryan campaign refuses to provide specifics of their secret plan to balance the budget. (Shades of Nixon’s campaign promise of a secret plan to end the Vietnam war, which only worsened when he expanded the conflict into Laos and Cambodia.).
Promising to balance the budge by starving the government of desperately needed revenues, while simultaneously increasing the budget of the military industrial complex, is an exercise in magical thinking. Maybe Mitten’s magic underwear has shrunk to the point where it’s cutting off the blood to his brain.

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