Bloomborg Bidnesswuss

I’m not sayin’ the folks at Bloomberg Businessweek are a bunch of wusses—  well, yes I am.
(If you want to see de Jesus, you must click it.)

Bloomborg Businessweek has been pushing their creative constraints lately, notably last week with their It’s Global Warming, Stupid cover, and again this week with their Old Obama cover, here.

But if they were really free of their mainstream constraints, like for instance the fictional-centered, cyber publication Bloomborg Bidnesswuss is, they could crawl out on a creative limb and bust it up a tatt or two.

Whatever Barack Obama does in the next four years, whether it’s dying his hair orange, fixing the economy, gettin’ a couple neck tatts, or discovering another source of material energy— wouldn’t that be awesome?— we Americans are going to have to participate.

Now is a time for renewed optimism, but only if we put our optimism to work— on solving a whole slew of problems the past few generations have left in the wake of their, um, reckless abandon.  Can we do this thing?  Come on.  Think it with me:

Yes We Can.

Mechanical inventions and the dissemination of knowledge are modifying civilization;  certain economic adjustments and social changes are imperative if cultural disaster is to be avoided.  This new and oncoming social order will not settle down complacently for a millennium.¹  The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments.  Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny.
The Urantia Book

¹ That’s right— a “millennium” is a thousand years.

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