Ultimate Beauty

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Mahh Man…  Make the 1%ers Pay Their Taxes, “Bitch”

#ClayHuntSAVAct will be signed into law Thursday, fuck you very much Tom Coburn.

David Brooks’ pity party:  Why his defense of Brian Williams is really about the 1 percent salon.com/2015/02/10/dav… via @Salon

Ted Cruz

Once shut down the government with a Dr. Seuss book. 

bit.ly/1FwC1Mo pic.twitter.com/coDpLwx2Dp

“The Mississippi Klan salutes Alabama’s chief justice Roy Moore, for refusing to bow to the yoke of Federal tyranny,” Brent Waller, Imperial Margarine wizard, wrote in a Stormfront post. “The fudge packers from Hollywood and all major news networks are in shock that the good people from the heart of Dixie are resisting their Imperialist, Communist Homosexual agenda!”


Stewart Refuses

The discernment of supreme beauty
is the discovery and integration of reality:  The discernment
of the divine goodness in the eternal truth,
that is ultimate beauty.

The discernment of the divine #Goodness

in the eternal #Truth

is ultimate #Beauty.

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