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Allen Clifton

At this point, there’s not even a shred of sane or rational logic anyone can use to defend Donald Trump.

While I don’t feel sorry for those who continue to do so, I do pity the fact that there are millions of people who are so deplorable that, even after Friday’s [Oct. 7] stunning story where he more or less said he believes he has the right to sexually assault women, they still think he should be president.

Yeah ick.  The Monster— El Monstruo— has awakened.  The past week has been an historic onslaught of karmic retribution unprecedented in American politics.  Watching a psychopathic liar rant that all his sexual assault victims are fictional, is not just attempted gaslighting;  it’s insanity on parade.

“At this point,” any rationale remaining Trump supporters have for claiming they are morally fit human beings is also out the window.

The revelation of recent events have created an unprecedented moral litmus test for all eligible voters in the United States.  No Americans can reasonably ignore the magnitude of Donald Jerk Trump‘s lack of moral fitness to hold any elected office, without violating their own moral standards.  Unless, of course, their moral standards are even lower than Donald Trump’s.  And that’s, you know, deplorable.

Read the following horrendous list of things Trump supporters must gag down to continue enabling a sexual pervert and pathological liar for the presidency of the United States.

  1.  Publicly mocked a man with disabilities. 
  2.  Publicly attacked the parents of a fallen American hero. 
  3.  Belittled POWs and the war record of Sen. John McCain. 
  4.  Lied about how much money he raised for veterans. 
  5.  Called a former Miss Universe “disgusting” and fat, telling his Twitter followers to go find her [non-existent] sex tape. 
  6.  Accused an American-born federal judge of being unfit to do his job because of his Mexican heritage. 
  7.  Has likely avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. 
  8.  Called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, even though that’s not remotely factual. 
  9.  Lied about seeing “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11.
  10.  Lied about getting a letter from the NFL complaining about the debate schedule. 
  11.  Tried to exploit the death of an African American woman in Chicago to say that’s why black voters will support him. 
  12.  Found the “bright side” to tragedies because his poll numbers tend to go up. 
  13.  Settled with the Department of Justice after his company was found guilty of racially discriminating against minorities. 
  14.  Has “cheated” [committed adultery] on at least one wife. 
  15.  Was just discovered on video admitting that he not only tried to cheat on his current wife, but knowingly attempted to do so with another married woman. 
  16.  Had his first wife publicly say that he did nothing when it came to raising their children until they were old enough to talk business. 
  17.  Tweeted that women should have expected to be sexually assaulted when they mixed males and females together in the military. 
  18.  Said he wants to target [and kill] the families of terrorists. 
  19.  Stated that he wants to ban an entire religion. 
  20.  Praised a Russian president who obviously hates the U.S. and Americans. 
  21.  Encouraged the Russian government to commit espionage against Americans. 
  22.  Insinuated that another Republican’s wife was “ugly.” 
  23.  Tried to implicate another Republican’s father in JFK’s assassination. 
  24.  Sought out the help of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes after he was fired for multiple allegations he had sexually harassed women for years. 
  25.  Made Breitbart’s Steve Bannon one of his top campaign people. 
  26.  Had a former campaign manager abruptly resign after a report came out linking him to pro-Russian groups that were directly trying to undermine U.S. policy in eastern Europe. 
  27.  Ridiculed Carly Fiorina’s physical appearance. 
  28.  Has said in a public tweet climate change was “a hoax created by the Chinese” — then denied saying it. 
  29.  Was a leading conspiracy theorist when it came to the racist-driven birther conspiracies against President Obama. 
  30.  Dismissed nearly eight years of accusing the president of not being an American with a less than 30 second statement where he didn’t apologize for any of it. 
  31.  Tried to blame Hillary Clinton for his racism.  
  32.  Re-tweeted anti-African American propaganda created by a white supremacy group. 
  33.  Played dumb about knowing who former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke was. 
  34.  Skipped a presidential debate because he was afraid of a moderator. 
  35.  Called a husband doing things like changing diapers and helping with the children, a man “trying to be the wife.” 
  36.  Has said he wants more countries to have nuclear weapons. 
  37.  Said he can’t release his tax returns because they’re currently being audited — even though the IRS said that’s untrue. 
  38.  Feels his “star” status gives him the right to sexually assault women.
  39. Doesn’t believe rules or laws apply to him.
  40. Seems to have no concern about the consequences of his actions.
  41. Is impulsive.
  42. Shows frequent signs of recklessness.
  43. Lacks normal moral fitness.
  44. Frequently exhibits destructive levels of narcissism.
  45. Lacks self control.
  46. Lacks empathy, sympathy for others.
  47. Is manipulative to get what he wants.
  48. Cannot recognize his mistakes or apologize for them.
  49. Frequently invents outrageous lies about his supposed successes or experiences.
  50. May actually believe what he says is the truth, especially when it isn’t.* Thanks to Allen Clifton for originally compiling this list



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