The Rainbow Roots of Racism

The Rainbow Roots Of Racism: New Yorker Cover

Important stuff you should know about the origins of race.


The 2008 NEW YORKER cover of Barack and Michelle Obama as Muslim terrorists rekindled an old debate about satire, humor, racism, and fear.  It was spun around a satirical cartoon which illustrated the lengths some human minds are willing, and able to go, to mask— rather than transcend— the racism inherent in our human nature.

Yes.  Racism is inherent in human nature.  We don’t necessarily hate “others” by an act of will, we do it quite naturally.  What’s up with that? 

Just like our mammalian ancestors, all humans beings are bellicose— exceedingly pugnacious as a rule, and with fiery tempers.  Originally it served a useful evolutionary purpose when it came to survival;  the more motivated monkey of the day did not hesitate to take his sundry weapons to the neighbors’ skulls and exterminate them.  The species that won these battles most often progressively improved and therefore multiplied, and survived to wax fat on the land.

Soon they fanned out over the Mesopotamian peninsula, and with just seventy generations of evolution at work, one particular pair spawned a singularly remarkable pair of twins, one male, one female.  They had almost perfectly opposable thumbs;  they walked upright.  Their brains were smaller than yours and mine, but their improved intelligence propelled them into the leadership of their tribe, and their family grew to become the nucleus of the mid-mammals.

The mid-mammals begat the Primates.    After almost nine hundred generations of development, covering about twenty-one thousand years from the origin of the dawn mammals, the Primates suddenly gave birth to two more remarkable creatures, the first true human beings.*

The Rainbow Roots Of Racism: Urantian Aborigine
Urantian Aborigine; the “Eskimo.”

These first human beings were not Caucasians. They were not black;  they were not yellow;  they were not red, orange, green, or blue.  They were brown.  Their melanin most nearly resembled the Eskimo of today;  they had hardly more hair on their bodies than the average person of today.  They were our racial aborigines, and the progenitors of the entire human race.

But 500,000 years ago, among the human tribes of the northwestern highlands of India, there was a new and strange occurrence.  A human man and woman living in the northeastern part of this inhabited highland region began to produce a family of unusually intelligent children.  This was the “Sangikfamily, and their children were the ancestors of all of the six colored races of our world, Urantia.

Their nineteen children were not only more intelligent than their fellow tribesmen, but their skin manifested a unique tendency to turn various colors upon exposure to sunlight.  Of the nineteen children, five were red, two were orange, four were yellow, two were green, four were blue, and two indigo.  Their skin colors became even more pronounced as they grew older, and when they mated with their fellow tribesmen, all of their offspring tended toward the skin color of the Sangik parent.

For almost a hundred thousand years these Sangik peoples spread out around the foothills and mingled together— more or less— notwithstanding the peculiar, but natural antipathy, which manifested early between the different races.  Those were ages of intense struggles between the various developing races.  And, surprise, their eventual and gradual dispersion to the four corners of the globe did very little to alter their deep-seated animosity towards each other.  They just didn’t like each other.  And they still don’t.

The evolutionary plan of race amalgamation on an evolving world like ours entails a long, slow, gradual blending of all six colored races into a blended single race, that is destined to become up-stepped by a celestial infusion of a higher life plasm, an advanced evolutionary step in the ongoing plans of creature perfection.  This age is generally inaugurated by the arrival of the planetary “Adams and Eves,”  visible super-material beings, who are destined to function as physical uplifters on the various evolutionary worlds of time and space.

However, before this racial blending project could happen on our world, the normal plan of racial amalgamation went into the toilet a long time ago, as a consequence of yet another, even more insane catastrophe, commonly referred to as the Lucifer Rebellion.

[ Note:  If you have personal problems suspending your preconceived notions of reality, well, it’s time to get over them.  Frankly, there’s no time left to pussyfoot around various archaic prejudices regarding the existence of the celestial realm.  Those who can’t— or won’t— adjust to the expanding horizon of universe knowledge will become increasingly anachronistic and irrelevant, and a serious part of our problem.]

Lucifer wasn’t some cosmic evil duality equivalent to God’s supreme cosmic goodness.  He was a local “chief executive” in charge of an inhabited creation segment potentially encompassing ten thousand worlds known as a “System.”  He was a “system sovereign”— a lower level celestial universe administrator— who got a bee in his brain about who was really in charge of the universe;  as he understood it, that is.  And Lucifer had the personal freedom to ultimately initiate a system-wide rebellion based on his notion that the “Creator Sons” (or, the “MichaelSons) were pretending there was a “God” above them whom they loved and served;  that they had created that fiction to maintain control of the universe for themselves.

The Rebellion, shorter:

Lucifer was allowed to promulgate the rebellion within his system, but it had been immediately quarantined to prevent its spread outside of his system.  On younger evolutionary worlds like ours, great confusion was sown in the minds of the inhabitants about the true nature of the universe and, well, everything else.  Thus when Adam and Eve arrived, they faced a multitude of intractable problems, not the least of which was the already mentioned innate hostility of the races towards each other.

By the end of the Adamic dispensation on a normal planet the races are practically blended, so that it is literally true that “God has made of one blood all the nations,” and that his Son “has made of one color all peoples.”  (Fun fact:  The skin color of such an amalgamated race is somewhat of an olive shade of the violet hue.)

On the normal worlds, worlds that have not experienced the default or rebellion of celestial administration, the brotherhood¹ of man is always the goal of human society.  World-wide peace— the cessation of race conflict and national animosity— is the eventual fruit of the long struggle of racial amalgamation and uplift.

Unfortunately, that path is no longer an option for us.  To overcome our systemic racism, we must discover new ways of transcending our natural animosity towards “others.”  In that regard, there is one giant clue which again, unfortunately, most of us continue to ignore.  The Son of God himself introduced it while he was here as one of us, when he said:  “Love one another.”

Next to the Golden Rule, that’s still the best advice anyone can ever follow.


All factual statements in this article are derived from The Urantia Book.  Read it while you are still of Urantia.

¹ Brotherhood constitutes a fact of relationship between every personality in universal existence. No person can escape the benefits or the penalties that may come as a result of relationship to other persons. The part profits or suffers in measure with the whole. The good effort of each man benefits all men; the error or evil of each man augments the tribulation of all men. As moves the part, so moves the whole. As the progress of the whole, so the progress of the part. The relative velocities of part and whole determine whether the part is retarded by the inertia of the whole or is carried forward by the momentum of the cosmic brotherhood. —The Urantia Book, 12:7.11

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