Nobody Does It Better Than Trump

The list of Trump claims above is not simply campaign braggadocio;  nor is it just a collection of obvious lies; it is an alarming indictment of his mental health, every claim more ridiculous and false than the last. Nobody knew how deeply troubled Trump really was until he ran for office. Nobody knew how quickly he could tell one lie after another, …

Donald in Dunderland

Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president. He has “malignant narcissism”— which is incurable.


The greatest book of all time,* the “Art Of The Deal,” has no advice to help us with the rapidly mutating calamity of the choosing of a mentally ill narcissist to play president.


Here is your cross, Your nails and your hill; And here is your love, That lists where it will

The Real Burial And Resurrection Of Jesus

All five of the women sat down on the stone near the entrance and talked over the situation; it had not yet occurred to them that Jesus had been resurrected.

Do You Really Know What Love Is?

           Do you know what love is?   God is Love— but love is not God. The greatest manifestation of divine love for mortal beings is his divine gift bestowal of the Spirit in us, but our greatest revelation of the Father’s love is seen in the bestowal life of his Son Michael as he lived on …


Hands Away

“…where two or three believers are gathered together, there am I in the midst of them.”

December 3rd marked my discovery of The Urantia Book 43 years ago. I usually take the day to reflect on just what has happened in my life since that momentous discovery. It was the beginning of Christmas break at the university I was attending;  a friend of my roommate, a total stranger, had loaned me a copy of the book after I rudely expressed sympathy for those who had roughed up some”born-again Christians” who were evangelizing on a San Francisco street corner;  she didn’t make a big deal out of it, she just said I think you’ll like it.  It was an event that suddenly changed my life in nearly every meaningful way imaginable, and continues to do so.

And yet, it’s very difficult to adequately explain how important the discovery of The Urantia Book is.  At one level, it is the difference between being awake in reality, and being asleep in a dream world.  At another level, it’s the fundamental and genuine awareness of knowing who you are, what you are, where you are, and why you are here; as opposed to never really knowing the answer to any of those questions.

The majority of people on this planet go through their entire lives assuming that the answers to those vital questions can never truly be known. Their lives are filled with more or less systemic confusion, which manifests itself in every major decision they must make, in every single relationship they have. Death remains a great and increasingly ominous mystery to those who even dare to reflect on their own mortality, and a glib denial of the basic nature of reality to those who do not.

Life and death are common daily experiences on our world; new souls coming into it every day, while older souls are constantly leaving their mortal coil behind them as they head into the vast unknown.  This December 3rd, my uncle Benny graduated to a higher plane of existence.  He was pretty much an atheist, with an angry loathing towards the idea of God.  He’ll be overwhelmingly surprised and eternally grateful when he wakes up in the next world, with the same unique personality in a new body;  with a continuing life in a startling and unimaginable universe of eternal progress and adventure.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to talk to him about it here, in this life, because for whatever reason(s) he was intolerant of the very idea of eternal life.  But even that won’t prevent his re-awakening, and one day we’ll have the talk we couldn’t have here.  If you’re not like that— if you’re open-minded and possess real intellectual integrity— then I make this annual plea for you— read The Urantia Book while you are still on Urantia.

You will be glad beyond words that you did.


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