The Blind Leading The Blind

There is no excuse for the involvement of “the church” in commerce and politics…

BULLSHIT Happening Now

Do you get all your “news” from the 24-7 Cable Clowns? How cool is that??

The Newter Writhes Again

Why yes, that is a Swedish apparatus crossing The Newter’s pectoral majesty, and thanks for overlooking the piles of baggage that made him what he is today.

Don’t Sprays Me, Bro (Update)

Dozens of kittens who had peacefully gathered on a UC Davis sidewalk were assaulted by the Campus police—Oh wait— those weren’t kittens…

Change It Forward

The Occupy movement will either mature quickly into a strong political movement, as it should, or disintegrate into nothing more than a paragraph in the next generation of American history books. The choice is OURS.