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Puffington Host For those precious minutes you wanna waste on the lurid and stupid side of life.

No, fellow travellers, this is not the Onion, but maybe those guys are moonlighting the front page of the Puffington Post because they can’t stop themselves. So here’s my challenge to you, you that want to use your brain for more that a feces storage locker: Go to the front page of Puff Ho™ and see how many posts are worth your precious time.
I’ll wait.

So you came back with:

7 Struggles Of People Who Bite Their Nails

Okay I lied, why the fuck would I wait for you to waste your time if my whole poin… you know , forget it.

Devil Made Me Do It Demographic

GOP messaging to the demonically possessed: We believe in you

Firedoglake’s Lisa Derrick checks out a recent PPP poll and has some questions:

Why wasn’t demonic possession addressed in the Presidential debates?! Demons are obviously as important an issue as low/no taxes, denying reproductive and LGBT rights, and keeping semi-automatic rifles in the hands of God (and demon) fearing Americans, since according to a  poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, 68% of registered Republican voters believe in demonic possession. And it’s not just the GOP– 49% of Democratic voters also believe that demons can possess us.

Granted, one could argue that “demons” are negative impulses, psychological aberrations, mental illness etc., but in theology demons are disincarnate entities which occupy people and places and cause all kind of havoc. However, demons can be controlled and mastered, but this should only be done by individuals with proper training, not by anyone hanging out their shingle as an exorcist-or by depressed metal heads who have played Black Sabbath records backwards one too many times.

Nutbags are all too ready to blame anything and everything they dislike, fear or can’t explain on demons, witchcraft, voodoo, curses, and related supernatural concepts…Usually there are simple, mundane explanations for stuff.

Some major questions that should be explored regarding demonic possession: How many politicians do believers feel are possessed? Is outsourcing of jobs caused by demonic possession? Can Wall Street be exorcised? And what strange malignant force, what ancient unnamed evil controls Dick Cheney?

By Tuesday we should know whether the Rethugs’ 19 point advantage over Dems among the critical devil made me do it demographic holds up.

In related news, former GOP presidential candidate Pat Robertson sez:



It’s enough to make your head spin.

For the GOP,  possession is 6.8/10 of the law

From The Urantia Book:

It is no mere figure of speech when the record states: “And they brought to Him all sorts of sick peoples, those who were possessed by devils and those who were lunatics.” Jesus knew and recognized the difference between insanity and demoniacal possession, although these states were greatly confused in the minds of those who lived in his day and generation.

Even prior to Pentecost no rebel spirit could dominate a normal human mind, and since that day even the weak minds of inferior mortals are free from such possibilities. The supposed casting out of devils since the arrival of the Spirit of Truth has been a matter of confounding a belief in demoniacal possession with hysteria, insanity, and feeble-mindedness…

GOP Convention Autopsy

GOP: We can change whatever whenever we want

Deficits Don’t Matter (Update; 2)

“What kind of irresponsible lunatic would vote for everyone of these misguide fiscal time bombs?”

Light That Sucker

Last night I was dreaming about Dick Cheney’s colossal twelve story, made of innocent human flesh funeral pyre.

Chicken Hawk Romney

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy In the competition for votes from the country’s veterans, which make up some 13% of the electorate, two recent polls show a wide divergence. In a Gallup poll released on Memorial Day, veterans prefer Willard Mitt Romney by a huge 24 point margin. Earlier in the month, a …

Republicans Eating Their Own

Gays and Muslims and Compromisers, oh my! Well, February is rapidly approaching and with it the next edition of the Conference of Conservative Political Action Committee, aka CPAC. We’ve enjoyed covering the Wingnut Woodstock conferences here at US.; see here, here, and here. But a dark undercurrent is roiling ‘neath the Winger Sea, a rip-tide that could rip this year’s …