Forget Alternative Facts; Deal With The Alternative Universe

No, NASA did not invent thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles. That’s some shit from the alternative universe.


Don’t expect to see a “Starry Night” 55er in your wallet—or in your lifetime;  and not just because you’re poor and apt to stay that way.   Money, it’s a crime Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie Money, so they say Is the root of all evil today But if you ask for a raise …


Bernie hasn’t moved the Dembase to the left. He’s revealed a base that is tired of accepting “the lesser of two evils” as an electoral argument.


Don’t let those punchy headlines fool you;  it’s the black and white Bernie who’s telling it like it is.   My twenty-one year old car is old enough to vote, and like Bernie Sanders, is time-worn and tested to go whatever distance.  Like anything worthwhile it requires occasional maintenance, so it was off to Mike the mechanic today for a checkup.  I …

HILLARY CLINTON: The Tip Of The Iceberg

Original inset illustration by Roberto Parada      TOTAL   •   INDIVIDUALS   •  PACS Emily’s List    $939,881  $930,961  $8,920 Citigroup Inc $883,547  $875,547  $8,000 DLA Piper       $847,930  $820,930  $27,000 Goldman Sachs $821,031  $811,031  $10,000 JPMorgan Chase & Co  $771,111  $768,111  $3,000 Morgan Stanley $754,538  $749,538  $5,000 University of California $608,858  $608,858 $0 Time Warner $591,524  $566,524 …

The Big Short and Dunning-Kruger Effect Concluded

Hard-working citizens have been forced to dip into their wallets to rescue the very people that destroyed so much of their personal economic futures. The downwardly mobile American electorate has, by and large, an intuitive understanding that they are being royally screwed by the Powers That Be even if they aren’t familiar with the particulars.

Behavioral Economics: The Big Short Part III, The DK Effect Part VI

Tune into any of the three major business news channels and you’ll be treated to an endless parade of “experts” framing that day or week’s trading activities with narratives that, on the surface, seem to explain what’s driving the market at any given time. But after a couple of decades of watching these people, I’ve concluded that a great deal of their “analysis” is simply designed to keep the rubes in the game by providing seemingly “rational” explanations for what are largely high frequency, computer driven trading schemes that use “dark pools” of money and others forms of subterfuge to separate investors from their money.