Drumpf is the Result of the Crisis in the Do Nothing Republican Party

What’s Wrong With This Picture?  Yes, his mouth is open, but that’s not it. It’s that 44″ tie there that’s blowin’ in his wind.  This is exactly what Drumpf will look like as president, telling the press to “Get off my lawn!”— the lawn of his private Ireland “White House” golf course estate, and to go have sex with themselves back in Amerika. Several …

The Palin-McAint Ouija Board Bomb

Huff Po: At the rally on Friday, Sarah Palin proclaimed that the RepubliCon Party isn’t the party of no — “We’re the Party of Hell No!” She derided “this BS coming from the lame-stream media” about “us common-sense conservatives kinda incitin’ violence,” but added, “We know violence isn’t the answer.  When we take up our arms, we’re talkin’ about our …

This Week In Teh Crazy (7-25-09)

Appearing more diseased and deranged than usual, the defacto head of the Rethuglican party, Bloviator Rush Limbaugh, sporting a positively motivational 65mm hole in his forehead, stunned “inspired” dittoheads by repeatedly plunging a Nazi Air Force officer’s sword through his thorax. “Now,” explained The Blove, “this would kill your average Obamabot-pantywaist liberl; but as you can see, I remain unfazed.”

Saved By Zeros

The Republican Party is rife with Zeros these days. The nine nincompoops above are just a random gaggle selected from the dozens and dozens of them pining to spend time in the GOPper boxes of national leadership-ness-ness. The assortment of war criminals, gas bags, elderly has-beens, living and dead, and a burgeoning bunch of weiner wanna-bees will continue to plague the nation until the electorate relegates them to the slag-heap of history.

In The Tank For Conservatism (Updated)

During the past eight years, the Bushmen have done their utmost to entrench themselves behind political, financial, and ecclesiastical power. Their make-believe foreign policy has failed to do aught that it set out to do. Chummy self-serving alliances will never prevent world wars, or control the several most powerful governments. As long as America suffers from the delusions of national sovereignty right along with every other so-called sovereign nation in the world, War will continue.

Robin Williams’ Post-Election Analysis

Lieberman Buys Lunch

•  •  •  SCATOLOGY WEEK  •  •  • Joe Lie berman offers up a ginormous double shitburger to the Senate Democrats that allowed him to continue as chairman of two senate committees. “I made it myself,” quipped Lieberman. WASHINGTON — Senator Joe the Lie berman, with McCain Campaign trail makeup still etched in the folds of his face, presented the …