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el monstruoClick to, um, enlarge.

Allen Clifton

At this point, there’s not even a shred of sane or rational logic anyone can use to defend Donald Trump.

While I don’t feel sorry for those who continue to do so, I do pity the fact that there are millions of people who are so deplorable that, even after Friday’s [Oct. 7] stunning story where he more or less said he believes he has the right to sexually assault women, they still think he should be president.

Yeah ick.  The Monster— El Monstruo— has awakened.  The past week has been an historic onslaught of karmic retribution unprecedented in American politics.  Watching a psychopathic liar rant that all his sexual assault victims are fictional, is not just attempted gaslighting;  it’s insanity on parade.

“At this point,” any rationale remaining Trump supporters have for claiming they are morally fit human beings is also out the window.

The revelation of recent events have created an unprecedented moral litmus test for all eligible voters in the United States.  No Americans can reasonably ignore the magnitude of Donald Jerk Trump‘s lack of moral fitness to hold any elected office, without violating their own moral standards.  Unless, of course, their moral standards are even lower than Donald Trump’s.  And that’s, you know, deplorable.

Read the following horrendous list of things Trump supporters must gag down to continue enabling a sexual pervert and pathological liar for the presidency of the United States.

  1.  Publicly mocked a man with disabilities. 
  2.  Publicly attacked the parents of a fallen American hero. 
  3.  Belittled POWs and the war record of Sen. John McCain. 
  4.  Lied about how much money he raised for veterans. 
  5.  Called a former Miss Universe “disgusting” and fat, telling his Twitter followers to go find her [non-existent] sex tape. 
  6.  Accused an American-born federal judge of being unfit to do his job because of his Mexican heritage. 
  7.  Has likely avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. 
  8.  Called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, even though that’s not remotely factual. 
  9.  Lied about seeing “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11.
  10.  Lied about getting a letter from the NFL complaining about the debate schedule. 
  11.  Tried to exploit the death of an African American woman in Chicago to say that’s why black voters will support him. 
  12.  Found the “bright side” to tragedies because his poll numbers tend to go up. 
  13.  Settled with the Department of Justice after his company was found guilty of racially discriminating against minorities. 
  14.  Has “cheated” [committed adultery] on at least one wife. 
  15.  Was just discovered on video admitting that he not only tried to cheat on his current wife, but knowingly attempted to do so with another married woman. 
  16.  Had his first wife publicly say that he did nothing when it came to raising their children until they were old enough to talk business. 
  17.  Tweeted that women should have expected to be sexually assaulted when they mixed males and females together in the military. 
  18.  Said he wants to target [and kill] the families of terrorists. 
  19.  Stated that he wants to ban an entire religion. 
  20.  Praised a Russian president who obviously hates the U.S. and Americans. 
  21.  Encouraged the Russian government to commit espionage against Americans. 
  22.  Insinuated that another Republican’s wife was “ugly.” 
  23.  Tried to implicate another Republican’s father in JFK’s assassination. 
  24.  Sought out the help of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes after he was fired for multiple allegations he had sexually harassed women for years. 
  25.  Made Breitbart’s Steve Bannon one of his top campaign people. 
  26.  Had a former campaign manager abruptly resign after a report came out linking him to pro-Russian groups that were directly trying to undermine U.S. policy in eastern Europe. 
  27.  Ridiculed Carly Fiorina’s physical appearance. 
  28.  Has said in a public tweet climate change was “a hoax created by the Chinese” — then denied saying it. 
  29.  Was a leading conspiracy theorist when it came to the racist-driven birther conspiracies against President Obama. 
  30.  Dismissed nearly eight years of accusing the president of not being an American with a less than 30 second statement where he didn’t apologize for any of it. 
  31.  Tried to blame Hillary Clinton for his racism.  
  32.  Re-tweeted anti-African American propaganda created by a white supremacy group. 
  33.  Played dumb about knowing who former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke was. 
  34.  Skipped a presidential debate because he was afraid of a moderator. 
  35.  Called a husband doing things like changing diapers and helping with the children, a man “trying to be the wife.” 
  36.  Has said he wants more countries to have nuclear weapons. 
  37.  Said he can’t release his tax returns because they’re currently being audited — even though the IRS said that’s untrue. 
  38.  Feels his “star” status gives him the right to sexually assault women.
  39. Doesn’t believe rules or laws apply to him.
  40. Seems to have no concern about the consequences of his actions.
  41. Is impulsive.
  42. Shows frequent signs of recklessness.
  43. Lacks normal moral fitness.
  44. Frequently exhibits destructive levels of narcissism.
  45. Lacks self control.
  46. Lacks empathy, sympathy for others.
  47. Is manipulative to get what he wants.
  48. Cannot recognize his mistakes or apologize for them.
  49. Frequently invents outrageous lies about his supposed successes or experiences.
  50. May actually believe what he says is the truth, especially when it isn’t.* Thanks to Allen Clifton for originally compiling this list



The Shocking Truth About Donald Trump

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Dec 152015

Donald Trump Shocking Truth

Donald Trump: Running for Honorary Caliph?

Bush They LiveThe movie They Live provides another example of  how life imitates art

In John Carpenter’s classic sci-fi movie They Live (1988), a race of evil aliens has secretly taken over the planet. They maintain control by broadcasting stealth radio frequencies that not only makes them look like human members of the ruling class, but encodes subliminal messages into various advertising media to manipulate the populace, commanding them to obey, consume, and reproduce. Only by donning specially crafted lenses can their wearer remove the subliminal filters to see what lies beneath.

Subliminal messaging has a well-documented history in advertising. In politics, it is referred to as “dog whistling”, the use of code words and phrases to arouse and manipulate specific emotions like fear and prejudice in the subconscious of their target audience. The target audience of the traditional GOP establishment (i.e., rich Wall Street Yale grad types) has shifted over the decades, necessitated by the need for securing a greater number of votes from the peasant class. Getting people to vote against their own interests while maintaining the tax breaks, corporate welfare, and other privileges of the Ruling Class is as much an art as it is a science. That’s why master propagandists like Roger Ailes get paid the big bucks.

In the 1960s, their target audience was the so-called Yellow Dog Democrats, who felt betrayed by President Lyndon Johnson after he signed the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. Imagine the blow to white Southerners’ self-esteem when they were forced to share things like restaurants, public drinking fountains, the education system, and the voting booth wit dem damn darkies. This is turn gave rise to a sense of victim-hood, fomented and exploited by politicians, authors, and media personalities to further their own interests: getting elected to public office, selling books, and increasing their Q ratings. In the succeeding decades, other voting demographics have been targeted: fundamentalist Christians and Evangelicals (who had traditionally avoided politics); and anti-government Tea Party types who, much to the chagrin of the Ruling Class, have become powerful enough to dominate the primary process.

Enter billionaire real estate mogul and reality television show star Donald “Your Fired!” Trump, whose primary business interest these last few years has been the building and selling his personal brand (as has his fellow GOP presidential contenders, “outsiders” Ben ‘The Knife” Carson and Carly “Corporate Wrecking Ball” Fiorina). What many pundits had initially dismissed as a clever, inexpensive, marketing scam has morphed into a situation where Trump, who has expanded his lead over the rest of the GOP field in most state and national polls, is suddenly a serious possibility for becoming the GOP nominee. (Much to his own surprise, I’d wager.)

Conspiracy theories abound. One casts Trump, a long-time friend of the Clintons and a donor to their foundation, as their Trojan Horse, a clever device to divide the Republican Party. Last week there were rumors that GOP insiders are frantically plotting their first brokered convention since 1976, a possibility that had Ben Carson saying he would bolt the party along with Trump and run as Independents if the democratic delegate election process was aborted by the Powers That Be. (Romney to the rescue?)

Donald Trump for Honorary Caliph!

But perhaps the most exotic conspiracy theory portrays The Donald as Secret ISIS Agent Trump, whose pogrom against Muslims will have the effect of driving recruitment for Daesh/ISIL/ISIS to unprecedented levels. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a conscious betrayal, just the inevitable karmic repercussion of The Law of Unintended Consequences of Infinite Dickitude.

Beyond the immediate political repercussions of The Donald’s call for preventing all Muslims from entering the country, there are sociological, geopolitical, and financial knock-on effects as well. Consider just the sociological ramifications of his call to, among other things: register Muslims in a centralized government database; put their mosques under surveillance; and flag their drivers’ license with their religious affiliation. (He hasn’t yet suggested they wear yellow (or green) crescents sewed on the outside of their clothing, but following the inexorable laws of political pornography, there’s still plenty of time for that.) I mean, what could go wrong? Why shouldn’t that inspire America’s 3 million Muslims to identify potential terrorists in their own neighborhoods, despite being suspected of being potential terrorists themselves?

Since the Paris and San Bernardino atrocities, attacks against Muslims and their mosques have increased dramatically. (One baseline being a 2014 FBI report of 154 hate crimes perpetrated against Muslims). These include the throwing of a pig’s head at the doors of a Philadelphia mosque; the arson attack on a mosque just 90 miles from the site of the San Bernardino mass murders by Daesh linked extremists; and the vandalizing of two other California mosques.

Then there are the geopolitical consequences. For example, Juan Cole reports:

After criticism from both the left and the right, Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that he will delay his visit to Israel and Jerusalem. The wealthy business tycoon and apparent presidential candidate had previously stated that he planned to visit the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and then force his way into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest site in Islam.

As for the financial repercussions, consider just the ones that effect Trump alone.

Prominent UAE-based businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor has ruled out any chance of working with US presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying he doesn’t trust him anymore. Branding billionaire Trump “the biggest enemy of Islam” over his call to ban Muslims from entering the US, Al Habtoor said he was no longer supporting his bid for power.

In August, Al Habtoor wrote an opinion piece criticising US president Barack Obama for the rise of ISIL and saying Trump would be a welcome breath of fresh air and was “someone prepared to put their money where their mouth is”.

But in a video interview with CNN, Al Habtoor said: “I view him as the biggest enemy of Islam. He is a man supporting ISIS… he is encouraging them, this is what they want to hear.”

Earlier in the year Trump called Mexicans “drug traffickers and rapists,” demanding that all 11 million of them be deported. This helped secure the support of David Duke’s KKK,; as well as the Hitler Party, as announced by the neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer. The wannabe Storm Troopers doubled down last week with the headline:

“Heil Donald Trump—the Ultimate Savior.”

The good news is that Trump is throwing away the stock-in-trade Republican dog whistle, used traditionally to evoke the entrenched racism and religious bigotry of the knuckle dragging portion of its base. No need now for subtext, nuance, magical sunglasses, or intricate subliminal messaging to reveal what lies beneath.  Instead, The Trumpster is telling his target audience exactly what they want to hear: Muslims are out to kill us, and only he can make us safe.

The bad news that in the process he is letting slip the dogs of war. This of course plays right into the hands of the ISIL and their ilk, whose apocalyptic fantasies are woven around the instigation of a religious war with the Christian West,Clash of Civilizations, to use the classic neocon formulation.

As the great existential philosopher Pogo put it: We have met the enemy, and he is us.


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Aug 242015



In Mary Shelley’s classic sci-fi horror novel, Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus (1818), her protagonist, the brilliant Dr. Viktor Frankenstein, allows his hubris to get the better of him by assuming the powers of the Creator. His monstrous faux human creation, without name or number in the original—let’s call him “Donald” for now– refers to himself initially as “the Adam of your labours,” and subsequently as “your fallen angel.”  Assembled from the disjointed body parts of dead humans, the good Doc’s beloved creation rebels and tries to destroy him.

Which pretty much describes Donald Trump’s relationship with the GOP establishment. His political persona is as much a creation of the political arm of the GOP, Fux News, as it is one of his own devising. Prior to the first, now infamous, 2016 Republican presidential debate, Trump was a regular weekly guest on Fux’s morning program, Fux and Friends, which gave him a long-running, high profile forum to build his political persona. A marriage made in heaven for an extreme narcissist and a cable network, both seeking maximum public attention and approval.

Behind the scenes at Fux corporate, however, trouble was brewing between Fux owner, Rupert Murdoch (an immigrant himself), who wanted to dump Trump; and its president, former Nixon communications adviser Roger Ailes, who wanted to keep him. Murdoch called Trump “wrong” and “embarrassing,” a sentiment his other propaganda organ, the Wall Street Journal, reinforced when it labeled Trump a “catastrophe.” Ailes, on the other hand, knows ratings gold when he sees it and came to Trump’s defense.

Murdoch initially prevailed, as evidenced by Fux News rising star host, Megyn Kelly’s out of the gate attack on Trump at the first GOP presidential primary debate. Megyn confronted Trump with a number of his misogynist statements over the years. Trump did his best to deflect her prosecution, resorting to another of his patented Rosie O’Donnell’ slurs, subsequently implying in a tweet that Kelly was on the rag at the time. Murdoch seemed to have gained the edge at this point, having given Trump plenty ‘nuff rope to hang himself. But when the ratings came in for the debate, which showed that the event had far surpassed the previous record for any comparable cable tv broadcast, Murdoch (now in his dotage), surrendered the playing field, proving that for the bottom line at least, Roger is good for what Ailes ya…if you’re a Fux stockholder, that is. Meanwhile, having been thrown under the corporate bus, Megyn took an extended vacation. (MSNBC, in a severe ratings funk, should hire her to replace the execrable Joe Scarborough.)

So now, it’s back to the future, with Fux once again making kissy face with Trump. And that means either accepting or rejecting his extreme proposals for immigration reform (the only policy paper his campaign has released to date), exactly the issue that the GOP establishment wants to avoid. After their resounding defeat in the 2012 presidential election, they performed an “autopsy” that found that without a much higher percentage of the Latino vote, they’ll never get the keys to the White House again. Where their last successful presidential run, the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004, mustered 40% of the Latino vote, Mitt Romney received only 27%, a 13 point drop. Attempts to produce a viable immigration reform package, perhaps the greatest concern of Hispanic voters, have failed miserably—just ask past presidential candidate John McCain and current presidential candidates Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. Unable to quell the racist, nativist sentiments of their Tea Party base, the GOP establishment decided it was better to downplay or ignore the issue altogether.  

But now that the Trumpestein monster has broken his restraints and left the table, marauding across the countryside and terrorizing the peasants (cue music: The Monster Mash...it caught on in a flash.), the GOP is forced to reanimate the issue. Which means addressing Trump’s promise to: (1) deport 11 million undocumented immigrants (and their families, whether they were born in the US or not); (2) end birthright citizenship (guaranteed by the 14th Amendment); and (3) build a really, really yooge wall (extending 2000 miles at an estimated cost of $168 billion).

Re item (1), not only does Trump want to deport Mexican rapists, murderers, and drug dealers, but also law abiding, tax paying workers and their families, whether their children were born here or not. (Estimated cost: $300 billion over 40 years.) Which brings us to item (2): the only way that he could deport children of immigrants who were born here—which he justifies by saying that, after all, he just wants to   keep families together—is to trash the 14th amendment that guarantees these citizen “Dreamers” all their constitutional rights. (estimated cost to deport the 5 million Dreamers alone: $50 billion.)  And to keep all them thar “illegals” out, he intends to build an impenetrable wall and make the Mexican government pay for it. (Herman Cain inspired alligator infested moats subject to further negotiation. But the smart money is on the author of The Art of the Deal to at least get them gators at a hefty discount if the Mexican government decides to dig in its heels and grows a bigger pair of cojones.)

None of these fantasies have even the slightest chance of becoming real without a major media blitz. But with Trumpenstein back behind the protective walls of the Fux News castle, the effort has begun. Steve Douchebag, cohost of Fox and Friends, judges Trump’s immigration plan as: “A dream list for many who have wanted immigration reform for a long time.

And Andrea Kostintina Tantaros, cohost of Fux’s The Outnumbered, defending Trump’s assault on the Fourteenth Amendment, opined: It wasn’t intended so that a bunch of Latinos could flood over the border.”

With the rupture in the wingnut Force repaired, the rest of the universe will have to content itself to sitting ‘round the campfire, roasting Frankenweenies, waiting to watch the next episode of Republicans Eating Their Own. A fitting epilogue would have Trumpenstein further his rebellion by quitting the GOP and running as an independent.    


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Debate Also-Rans Go Down With Happy Rants

KidsTable2016The sound check at the Losers Kid’s table got rowdy; a lot of bird flipping, and considerable abuse of little Ricky Santorum.  From right (left) front to far right: Ricky Perry;  That guy nobody has ever even heard of;  Ricky Santorum;  Piyush Jindal;  Lindsey “Olin” Graham;  Carly Fiorina; and a George Pawtucki, or somethin’.

Some “big names” are out of the first Fox News Debate debacle, having been relegated to the “Happy Hour” debate scheduled to air before the main event.  And although a spokesman for the man with literally the biggest name, Piyush Subhas Chandra Amrit Hinssein Jindal, had no comment, several other candidates happy-railed against being relegated to the Also-Rans table by Fox News’ top croissant ingestor, Roger Ailes.

As Mitt Romney once sang, the dogs have been let out!  Here they are, and they’re howlin’ happy:

CARLY FIORINA  “A vast majority of Republican voters, never mind Americans, [gotta love that distinction] still don’t know who I am,” said businesswoman Carly Fiorina.  “You have a long way to go here. It’s a long race. We’re all going to need a stiff upper lip, and more than one stiff drink.  I’m looking forward to the ‘happy hour’ debate, because you get two drinks just to start.”

JIM GILMORE  “Arggle bargle!  Arggle bargle!  Scotch rocks!  Arggle bargle!  Arggle bargle!” [WTF]

LINDSEY GRAHAM  “You’ve got the Donald Trump debate.  Everybody’s gonna be, ‘How will he perform?  What will he say?’  Well, when I’m in the first debate, which is the ‘happy hour debate’ at five o’clock, start drinking.  By nine o’clock Donald may make sense to you— if you drink enough.”  [South Carolina senator Graham (“Call me Olin”) is credited with the term “happy hour debate.”  He also criticized the Republican front-runner Trump, calling him a Jackass— which induced the flat-footed multi-billionaire to reveal Graham’s cellphone number.]

PIYUSH JINDAL  [No comment.  But he is staying at a Holiday Inn Express.]

RICK PERRY  Is practicing his presidentialness-ness by speaking through an “adviser”:  “The governor is going to have a very thoughtful, well rehearsed conversation about the country, guns, and, and a third thing,  you know, that he thinks ought to be done for the opportunity for this country.” [Yeah that was my thought too; just as articulate as the guv.]

GEORGE PATAKI  [I’m sorry— who?]

RICK SANTORUM  “National polls mean nothing.  Unfortunately, Fox News and the RNC have gotten into a, sort of, “man and dog” situation to determine the legitimacy of candidacy.  And they have the ability to influence who is in the top ten by the amount of coverage they get, and the amount of advertising dollars.”  [No-he-diddent! He said “man and dog.”]

Okay.  Back to what passes for the real world.  Head propagandist at Fox Roger Ailes is credited with the “Orchestra Pit Theory“— referencing sensationalist political coverage in the news media:

“If you have two guys on a stage and one guy says, ‘I have a solution to the Middle East problem,’ and the other guy falls in the orchestra pit, who do you think is going to be on the evening news?” —Ailes

So maybe Roger is secretly doing the second string batch of buffoons a favor;  maybe by pushing them off the main stage and into the mosh pit he’s actually giving them the first shot at showing the electorate what a real clown car debate looks like. . .

Uh, Naww.

They’re both gonna be a debacle.


Cheap White Whines

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Jan 272013

LOTS OF STUFF flows by under our personal radar on this planet, and on any given day, the unprecedented proliferation around the globe of cheap wine barely makes anyone’s short list of things you could be wasting time on.

But not this week.  This week, Sarah Palin resigned again— this time from her million dollar gig at Fux Noise.  And I found this at Safeway:

Penot Palin White WhinesThis is a vintage (haha) example of one of Palin’s very first attempts at putin’
“Old wine into new wineskins” so-to-speak.

I don’t drink much wine, but when I do, I drink cheap Pinot Noir.  And I always search the Pinot section first before resorting to a less sexy grape.  But I nearly lost control of important excretory functions when I saw the last remaining bottle of “Penot [sic!] Palin* White Wine” in a local grocer’s alcohol isle.

Laburp!  Because you’ll drink anything.  I mean, come on— it had to be a collector’s item the day it hit the shelf, if only for the fact that it was apparently bottled nearly half empty— the twist-off cap is still in pristine condition. The irony— it toys with me.

And the freakin’ label!  “Armed With NRA Pride.”  “Tea Party Value Whine [sic]!  “I’m A Shining Star.”   Seriously?  And The Christian Fish, studded with diamonds?  Okay, maybe cubic zirconia. But still.

A signature label!  And it looks like “Sarah” is misspelled. And a “quote” from Fux Noise president and mobile food locker, Roger Ailes— surrounding a surreal portrait of the snowbilly grifter doin’ the rubber face!  I woulda paid the $81.89 sticker for this;  but 40% off $11.89— I woulda bought a case.

And yeah of course I had already thought a half dozen times that hell no, some dickweed snark-shark was hiding nearby with a video camera, just to see who bought this bottled urine sample.

Penot Palin White Whines

No proof reader? I can only believe a bonafide tea-billy did the copy work here, maybe Palin herself— what with the half a dozen brutally ugly typos on the back label alone.

Because after reading every word on both labels, I think I’m gonna havta side with Roger Ailes, who reportedly said Palin is a “stupid idiot.”


What wine goes with Captain Crunch?
—George Carlin


“‘Refudiate,’ ‘misunderestimate,’ ‘wee-wee’d up.’ English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too.
Got to celebrate it!”

—Sarah Palin

* Penot [sic] Palin— no doubt pronounced, “Pee not Palin”

Should We Raise Their Taxes?

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Nov 162012

The Shadow Of A Hair’s Turning

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Sep 042012

Bruce Lee demonstrates how to shatter an illusory House of Mirrors

Falsehood is not a matter of narration technique but something premeditated as a perversion of truth…The shadow of a hair’s turning, premeditated for an untrue purpose, the slightest twisting or perversion of that which is principle—these constitute falseness.  -The Urantia Book

In arguably the greatest martial arts flick of all time, Enter the Dragon (1973), Bruce Lee infiltrates the island fortress of his arch enemy, Master Han. Han is a renegade monk from Lee’s own Shaolin temple, a traitor who matter-of-factly admits that he has chosen to invest in corruption (which includes addicting young women to heroin and selling them on the sexual slave market).

The film’s climatic fight scene takes place inside Han’s living quarters. Lee’s speed, skill, and agility is clearly too much for Han, and he flees into a dressing room full of mirrors. Chasing after him, Lee is confounded by the many images of himself and of Han, who has the advantage of knowing how and where the mirrors are placed. Han alternately hides and stalks him, wielding a nasty multi-bladed weapon, waiting for just the right moment to deliver a killing blow.

Lee, already on the edge of exhaustion after a number of fights, strikes out at one false image after another. His hands bleeding,  an image of his sister’s past suicide suddenly enters his mind. Trapped in a cluttered warehouse by Han’s goons who are intent on raping her (motivated all the more by the fact that up to that point she had thoroughly kicked their sorry asses), she picks up a glass shard and takes her own life.  Lee draws strength and inspiration from her honorable death, and one by one, begins breaking the remaining mirrors, shattering the illusory Hans until the real one is revealed. In short order, Lee avenges his sister’s death and restores the honor of his disgraced monastery.

I was reminded of the film today as I watched GOP wunderkind and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan making the rounds of the major network morning shows, desperately trying to restore the illusion of his former persona. Like waking up in bed next to a dubious stranger picked up in a bar after a night of heavy drinking, the establishment press is finally waking up to the fact that their infatuation with a politician they had considered a wonky, glamorous, straight shooting nice guy is just another sleazy huckster intent on fucking over whoever he needs to achieve his political ambitions.

To take just once instance of Ryan’s mendacity, consider his nomination speech at the RNC convention last week in which he decried the closing of a GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. He implied that the closing was Obama’s fault, notwithstanding that it formerly closed its doors a month before he took office.

Right there at that plant, candidate Obama said: ‘I believe that if our government is there to support you … this plant will be here for another hundred years.’ That’s what he said in [June]2008. Well, as it turned out, that plant didn’t last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day.

After weathering a shit storm of media backlash for that and a number of other lies, Ryan hit the network television morning circuit today to explain his fabrications. As for the plant closing matter, he protested that he didn’t really lie, arguing that the media just didn’t parse his words finely enough. As he explained on NBC‘s Today Show :

“What they are trying to suggest is that I said Barack Obama was responsible for the plant shutdown in Janesville. That is not what I was saying; read the speech. What I was saying is the president ought to be held to account for his broken promises. After our plant was shut down, he said that he would lead an effort to retool plants like the Janesville plant to get people back to work. It’s still idle.”

Of course that’s what they were suggesting, because that is what YOU were suggesting, you lyin’ sack of shit. Even if you didn’t accuse Obama directly of being responsible for closing the plant, you impLIED it. As a matter of fact, after taking office, Obama did take steps to reopen plants “like” Janesville,  the operative word here being “like.”  Unfortunately for Janesville workers and affiliated businesses, the bailout money didn’t include their particular plant. But that was due to a decision made by GM itself, not the White House, who from the get go eschewed any hands-on micromanaging.

Read again the definition of falsehood and falseness given in The Urantia Book quote above, and then compare it, first, to the definition of falsehood given in Merriam Webster:

falsehood, n.

1 an untrue statement : lie
2 absence of truth or accuracy
3 the practice of lying : mendacity;

and second, the definition of falseness found at Brainyquote.com:

falseness, n.

The state of being false; contrariety to the fact; inaccuracy; want of integrity or uprightness; double dealing; unfaithfulness; treachery; perfidy; as, the falseness of a report, a drawing, or a singer’s notes; the falseness of a man, or of his word.

So, as synonyms for the art of lying we have words like: lie,  perfidy, mendacity, treachery, double dealing, want of integrity, etc.– all perfect descriptions of The Lyin Ryan Express.

What drives The Urantia Book description home is not its use of the comparatively tame words, “falsehood” and “falsenesss”  Rather the power of its metaphor– the shadow of a hair’s turning, which suggests a fine line between truthhood and falsity. The kind of fine line that funambulating liars like Ryan and his ilk think they can walk because they believe they can get away with it, especially in the wake of recent US Supreme Court decisions that equates money with speech, enabling a maximum level of what practitioners of military psy ops call perception management.

The fact that the MSM is finally pushing back on the GOP propaganda machine is a good sign. Perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back was the statement by Romney campaign adviser and pollster, Neil Newhouse, who declared:

“We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.” 

Of course not. As the sainted Ronnie Reagan once proclaimed: “Facts are stubborn things“, certainly nothing that the Rovians should feel constrained by.  Recall what Karl Rove said to author Ron Suskind:

The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”[2]

As a consequence, the Rovians have lived in an elaborate house of mirrors for so long now that they are mistaking their own distorted reflections for reality. The growing presence of “fact checker” sites, the progressive blogosphere, and and increasingly aggressive push by MSNBC to counter Roger AilesFux News Propaganda Network, could actually make a difference in the coming election, one shattered mirror at a time.

Heck, a guy can dream, can’t he?