Speaking in Israel in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel at the “Facing Tomorrow” presidential conference, George Bush once again embarrassed himself, Pickles, and our nation:

“We believe that the surest way— ta defeat the enemies of hatred—[sic] is to advance the cause of hope— ta the cause of freedom— liberdy—[sic] as the great alternative to tire-ranny, [sic] and tearr.” [sic]

Excuse me? Aren’t WE— the United States— ostensibly the “enemies of hatred”? Does anyone with a lick of grammatical acuity vet this imbecile’s speeches?

Bush’s mangled speech was preceded by the obsequious comments of Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert, himself on the verge of being indicted for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy American Moshe (Morris) Talansky, who praised Bush as a “great leader” and a “source of inspiration,” and sounded eerily like Arnold Swarzenegger. Other guests at the “Facing Tomorrow” conference included former British prime minister Tony Blair, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Google founder Sergey Brinn, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerman.

Although Bush will meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh on Saturday and Sunday, he never once bothered to mention the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations which have been on a seven year “pause.” I’m so surprised.

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