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No time for exploring the mundane, today— I’m leaving on a jet plane


Mr. President, you need to forget a bipartisan approach and get on with the business of governing by winning each battle. You will never be able to work with the Republicans because they hate you. Believe me, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are the norm, not the exception. James Dobson and the rest are praying for you to fail. The neoconservatives are gnashing their teeth and waiting for you to “sell out Israel” or “show weakness” in Afghanistan, whatever, so they can declare you a traitor.

If your stomach is empty you can watch an infantile Dick demonstrate why he should not be in the Senate.


Right-wingers are trying to get back under their rocks. . .

and Micky Rourke prefers a Gorilla

and— uh oh—  teh plane!  teh plane!



  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    Aloha, droogies, the winged journey was spectacular as always, what with the vast Pacific undulating in endless wavitude below us, and the deep blue air cushion streaming all around us. . . Seems main-landers still tuck their Aloha shirts into their trousers, and have had been ingesting too much state-side three-finger poi; which must be short for poison. But. No more of that.
    Sherry, if Frank is right, there is no “prudence” in the Republicans. You’ve nailed them though; they’ve surrendered to the base, and will perish with the base.
    Nonnie I agree. . . they can and will whine their way into oblivion. So in that sense, we should keep working for the fastest possible exposition of their ugliness; the sooner they’re obliterated, the better.
    Thanks, Db. Wish you (all) were here. 😉

  2. have a safe trip!

    obama has offered the olive branch, and the rethugs peed on it. if they don’t have any respect, then treat them in kind. let them throw their little hissy fits. they really have nothing else. they’ll continue to appeal to their hate-filled base, but they won’t gain any supporters. let them whine their way into oblivion.

  3. I agree. The prudent thing for Rethugs to have done is, recognize the mandate of the people, vote for the thing and sit back and see what happens. If it is successful, they can claim some credit and hopefully win their individual elections. If it fails, they can say they weren’t obstructionists, and perhaps people should now listen to them. They have decided to go for broke it seems.

    It seems they are flat in the hands of the wacko right, and I love that. For as long as that is true, it really doesn’t matter how things turn out, the majority will never bow to Limbaugh, Coulter and that crowd of nut cases.

    Seems we are in a win win situation here!

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