Clintonialism II: Honduras Edition

But it’s high time an accounting was made. What better time than the present, in a truly revolutionary presidential election year when two of the top three contenders are outsiders whose strength is derived from their break with The Powers That Be and their bloody past?


From the Devil Caligastia’s Dictionary: Clintonialism: a neo neo-con foreign policy steeped in intervention, war, regime change, and nation building. See also: Iraq, Libya, Syria.

Strategery Fail

It actually gives me hope that, eventually, US policy makers will finally get a clue about the futility of trying to maintain worn out strategery tropes like: Might makes right, Manifest Destiny, and American Exceptionalism.

Innocence Of Muslims’ Sam ImBecile: Agent Provocateur?

Protesters laying siege to the US Embassy in Yemen  Not to diminish the seriousness of the conflict currently gripping the Middle East in response to the release of the Islamophobic film “Innocence of Muslims,” but the guy who is responsible for it is, in addition to being a neocon Clash of Civilizations bomb throwing knuckle dragging jerkwad, just another convicted …

Daffy Qadaffy Flashback

Remember the good old days when the Bush Administration embraced Daffy Qaddafi and brought him back into the Brotherhood of Nations, a mere 30 months ago? What went wrong? Did he insult Kenya somehow, and by extension, President Obama‘s extended family? Surely former Secretary of State Condi Rice would answer a call to duty from her current president to help …

Bush Wacked

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Decider Returns Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Rally to Restore Sanity Jon Stewart on Bush’s No Apology Tour When Jon Stewart mentions half way through this segment that he hadn’t thrown up once, yet, he was referring to a nasty case of the stomach flu …

World Fail 101

Intractable international problems continually and increasingly reveal how ineffective— and unethical— it is for any single nation, like the United States, to assume the mantle of “World Sheriff.”