A Selective Look at Breaking News. . .

Mmmmm. Let’s see.


Breaking News: Oliver North is still free

• Oliver North is still a free man, as is Bush Senior, and Junior.

• Several thousand little ones are making their way through warm canals, headed for the light of their first day.

• Billions upon billions of waves are breaking their way onshore.

• New fires are being set in the Amazon.


Breaking News: Albert Einstein

• A happy birthday to Physicist and Peace activist Albert Einstein, born on this date in 1879 at Ulm, Germany. Among many other things, he said there were two ways you could live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or, as though everything is a miracle.

• Many thousands around the world are still realing with the the news of their freshly diagnosed terminal illness. (“Realing” is not a misspelling of “reeling.” Realing is the most intense form of being real there is.)

• Thousands more people, men, women, and children, are looking for missing loved ones; men, women, and children. Just suddenly gone from their homes and haunts. Circumstances unknown.

Breaking News: Bingo.

• As you read this, thousands of human eggs are being penetrated by sperm.

• Billions of teeth are sinking into thousands of pounds of seared and seasoned animal flesh. Thousands more are sinking into raw, still living flesh, as predators on every continent capture prey.

• All around the world, last breaths being drawn.  Eyes fixing on the last scene of the material world.  People are dying right this instant.

• Millions of prayers born in the believing human heart are barreling along the spirit-gravity circuit, from human consciousness to the consciousness of Deity.  Don’t forget to send yours.

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