Clinton Tries to Sink Obama

Hillary Clinton once said all she had to do to knock a story off the front page was change her hairstyle. This past week, as it rained nine-inch deep double-basin shameless-steel kitchen sinks in Ohio, it was clear that something a little stronger than a hairstyle had knocked Barack Obama off the primary juggernaut he’d been on since the fifth round of this scheduled 55 rounder.

The bobble-head punditry had been salivating for the return of negative campaigning, those nasty blows below the belt, not just to give them the highly addictive shivers down their quivers, but to escalate the too-often civil discourse which makes for boring endless news cycles.

“I’m a fighter!” Clinton cries, “”Let fly the sinks!” And the MSM goes ape-shit, blathering on about the necessity of returning to uncivil discourse and unsportsmanlike conduct between the two democrat contenders, attributing Clinton’s victories in round Ohio and round Texas to an intensifying downpour of Clintonian sinkatude.

Sinkatude consisting of, as our Carpetbagging friend Steve Benen observed:

* Rezko
* Canada/NAFTA
* Accusations of “plagiarism”
* Obama’s crisis-management abilities at 3 a.m.
* The media has given Obama a break
* Obama’s healthcare mailings are “Karl Rove-style politics” (”Shame on you”)
* Obama’s experience is similar to George W. Bush
* McCain’s experience is preferable to Obama’s
* Pictures of Obama wearing African garb
* Obama didn’t hold holding hearings as chairman of a Senate subcommittee that is in charge of overseeing NATO troops in Afghanistan
* Obama “denounced” Farrakhan, but didn’t “reject” him
* Obama’s message of “hope” is worthy of mockery and derision
* “60 Minutes” — Obama’s not a Muslim “as far as I know”

Hillary “The Fighter” Clinton’s barrage of sinkatude unleashed on Barack Obama makes for an impressive looking late flurry, but the delegate math of the judges are still scoring Obama in the lead with 1,386 delegates, compared with 1,276 for Clinton — a 110 delegate advantage.

But a quick glance around ringside, and there in the smoky dark you can begin to make out the fat-cat superdelgates, who are masticating those big Cuban ceegars with a nervous vigor that gives a tell— while there may be twelve more rounds, and even though Obama could score a technical knockout, they’ll still have their say in Denver.

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