A Selective Look At Today’s News

• An alarming number of people are wearing their shirts inside out today.

• The last flake of snow melted off the roof hours ago.

• A quantum leap was made by several thousand seekers since midnight, and several thousand more will experience one before midnight.

• Hundreds of tires are going flat as you read this.

• Some people seem to live in effective emancipation from harrying haste and the painful stress of the vicissitudes inherent in the temporal currents of time; they exhibit a stabilization of personality and a tranquillity of character not explained by the laws of physiology, psychology, and sociology.

• I’m here to tell you that we don’t need to look at the car crash.

• A love was born this morning in young Miguel’s heart; it will never die.

Walking duck

• You probably know a person who still thinks that if it walks like a duck. . . it’s a duck.

• Someone just pulled the trigger.

• You can save your remaining body hair if you act now.

• The giant pecan tree next to the Good Hope cemetery in northern Denton County is really leafing out.

• A psychiatrist was walking along Younge Street in Toronto on his way to price a new tent at a very nice sporting goods store, when he literally ran into a friend he had when he was in the Caribbean sailing. They sailed again.


• I have already told you that in our Father’s universe there are many tarrying-places.

• Thousands more Americans discovered this morning they have too much body fat.

• Enough is enough. The public needs the media to stop hurting the national dialogue in this important election year.

• What do we do if we’re unable to play the game? Thoughts?

• Some of us are quietly optimistic now after years of despair about the state of our education system.

• You cannot experience real joy all by yourself.

• Millions of prayers born in the believing human heart are barreling along the spirit-gravity circuit, from human consciousness to the consciousness of Deity. Make sure to send yours.

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