The Party Under The Bus

Of course the Bus we’re talking about isn’t the “Straight-Talk Express,” AKA, “The Lobby-Knobby Express,” piloted by John McSame, the Greedy Old Party’s nominee for Commander-in-Chief of the World president of the United States. The bus we’re talking about, as well as all of Washington, is the Scott McClellan man-of-war, the Milquetoast Marauder— no, the Media-Mauler — no. . . Whatever you want to call it, it isn’t making much headway today, because so many bodies have been tossed under it, it doesn’t quite have the torque to run’em over. Yet.

We haven’t rushed out and consumed McClellan’s come to Jesus book yet, but it’s pretty clear from the first shredding that if the Congress had a pair they would have to impeach Bush yesterday. So what’s new?

Apparently not everyone is so brain-dead that they would forever allow their mouth to repeat the lies their brain was told to by the Bush criminals. Better late than never, Scott.

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