Sooner or Later, You’ll Own Generals: Update 3

David Kurtz over at TPM reports that:

…the House last Thursday passed an amendment to this year’s military authorization bill mandating investigations by the DOD IG and the GAO. Democrats argued that the program amounted to illegal domestic propaganda. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) called the program part of “a military-industrial-media complex” (with apologies to Eisenhower).

Despite the MSM‘s continuing refusal to cover this monumental instance of illegal government propaganda and their own role in propgating it, the government is now legally obliged to:

The Department of Defense inspector general announced last Friday that it was undertaking a investigation of the program, and the Congress’ own General Accountability Office has “already begun looking into the program and would give a legal opinion on whether it violated longstanding prohibitions against spending government money to spread propaganda to audiences in the United States.”

‘Tis a sad day when the US government is more attentive to its own oversight than the Fourth Estate.

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