The Scattered Brotherhood

Eternity Road

A New Day Dawning

When the tragedy of the world presses hard, remember that the power of God is in you. Let it use you— let it; don’t strive. Let the awareness of the presence of God within be like a flame to you, lighting you, warming you, cheering you this day and every day. It can be for you an awakening, and you will speak with a new voice. Open wide and let the power of the Spirit flow through you like the rivers of living water, sweeping out all fears; all doubts of self.

When you do this you have risen, and the new self has been released from the things of the old, the things that you have feared and fought against. Through such daily renewing you pass beyond the reach of morbid thoughts and entanglements of nagging fears, and each day can begin as if it were the morning of your life.
Become timeless and never bind yourself with age. For the mind as well as the spirit can be kept young, child-like, and free.

Faith, weak as it may be, can roll away the stone from your door. Rejoice in a new day, and go forth with lifted face and inner awareness that will shine out from you, if only for those who can see it through their own vision. In this way, you become a renewing force in the new day dawning.

Restated from Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood, 1948

• • •

The hope of a better nation— a better world—
is bound up in the progress and enlightenment of the individual.

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