Waiting For The Storm To Blow Over


Apologies to Thomas Nast for borrowing his September 23, 1871 cartoon captioned: “A Group of Vultures Waiting for the Storm to ‘Blow Over’—‘Let Us Prey” Yes, that’s Satan’s lapdog, Carl Rove behind her, so to speak. . .

The media shit-storm over the assassination slur probably hasn’t reached full pitch yet, but who really expects it to even momentarily deter the Clint from fighting on to the Convention floor in the Wild Wild West of Denver, where a real and proper shoot-out can determine the outcome of her quest for the presidency.

And unless you have a weak gag reflex and have already stopped following the political race, by now you’ve heard the “Wow, if you were outraged by my comments, tough shit” apology from Clint. But we must thank her for that. Really.

Who could now expect Obama, after that remark, to agree that she has “earned” the offer of the VP slot? Well sure, the Billary; but who else?

This is just the latest— and most egregious— red flag alert for those who still think the Clint is worthy of the nomination. You can add it to the litany of things that have already been “forgiven” her, according to Keith Olbermann:

  • Her “mispeaking” about Martin Luther King’s relative importance to the Civil Rights Movement
  • Her “misspeaking” about landing under enemy fire in Bosnia
  • Her insistence that Michigan’s vote would not count, and then claiming those who would not count it were “undemocratic”
  • Her pledge not to campaign in Florida, and thus disenfranchise voters there, and then claiming those who did abide by those rules were as wrong as those who defended slavery or denied women the vote
  • the photos of Osama Bin Laden in an anti-Obama ad
  • the fawning over the fairness of Fox News while they were still calling her a “murderer”
  • the “quoting of the editorial predictions of Boss Carl Rove”
  • the 3 A.M. phone call commercial
  • Bill’s disparaging comments comparing Obama’s campaign to Jesse Jackson’s
  • Geraldine Ferraro’s national radio interview suggesting Obama wouldn’t even be in this race were he a “white man”
  • the dozen “changing metrics” and the endless self-contradictions of her insistence that her nomination is mathematically probable rather than a statistical impossibility
  • her declaration that some primary states “count,” and some really don’t
  • exploiting Jeremiah Wright in front of the editorial board of the lunatic fringe Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  • exploiting William Ayers in the “debate” on ABC
  • her remark on “hard-working white Americans”
  • her often repeated praise of John McCain at Barack Obama’s expense; at your own expense; at the democratic ticket’s expense.

The shadow of a hair’s turning, premeditated for an untrue purpose, the slightest twisting or perversion of that which is principle— these constitute falseness.
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