“John McCain is Aware of teh Internet(s)”

Stupid Fingers
John McCain reveals how many fingers he uses to access the Internets.

When seventy-one year old John McCain acknowledged earlier this month that he was “computer illiterate,” it confirmed to many in the blogosphere (wherever that is) that the Republican presidential nominee was essentially clueless about politics in what some are calling the “digital age.” McCain’s commitment to this straight-talk strategery has also led him to previously admit economics and the economy is one other thing that he doesn’t understand very well, either.

However, at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York on Monday, conference organizer Andrew Rasiej pointed out that McCain was approaching 152,000 hits on something called “Facebook,” a kind of “social networking technology” the Senator is getting hip to. Senator Obama was said to have passed the one million mark last week on the Facebook thingy, but Republicans feel that does not necessarily indicate that their grassroots supporters are any less active than their Democratic opponents.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project released statistics earlier this month which show Democrats are using the social networking thing to actually contribute money to the Obama Campaign, something else McCain is said to be “aware of.” A spokesman for the McCain camp clarified that McCain’s recent comment — “F you! I know more about this than anyone else in the room,” was directed at immigration reform and not computer literacy.

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