McCain’s Lack ‘o Vision Thing. . .


The Vision Thing: Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell me. . .
. . . It’s Jesus Himself, come to anoint Senter Obama! Because He would rather we lose our war than Obama lose the election! Yeah, that’s the snark we’ve been waiting for.

The Vision Thing

Ever wonder how the old dude sees anything? How many 80 year old curmudgeons do you know that don’t wear bifocals? Yep, McBlink has had teh lazic, alright; and that may account for his heavy blinking schedule. Check these coke-bottle ends he wore in the ’80’s:

The Vision Thing: McFoureyes

But they’ve been banned from the cameras; well except for the welding goggles the oldster likes so much, that hermetically seal out all sunlight from his cataract-craters. They come with a matching Mc-cane, but he keeps that hidden, too:

The Vision Thing: Welding Glasses

You know, John Sidney, deteriorating vision is a sign of old age; there’s really no disguising it. But it’s not really the vanity of trying to hide your failing vision that makes me groan, it’s your total lack of vision for America that makes you the worst possible choice for POTUS. You would be the literal example of Christ‘s striking image:

“If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the pit.”

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  1. Avatar Bluenose

    Yeah I remember Boosh senior and his “vision thing.” But it’s the electorate’s lack ‘o vision that scares me too; we’ve just had 7 and a half years of republican debacle and McSame is 2 points down in the polls??? W.T.F.!!

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