Mark Halperin: Right Wing Tool

It’s a sure sign that the media apocalypse has arrived when one establishment hack, Cokie Roberts, has to swat down another– the always execrable Mark Halperin (with a lukewarm assist from yet another, George Stephanopolous).

Here’s a bit of “analysis” offered up Sunday on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopolous” talking bobbleheads show:

Just one of the many painfully biased statements that ABC’s former political director and present Time Magazine mouthpiece has uttered over the years. Some others:

From MSNBC‘s Morning Joe Show:

“I think some reporters recognize going forward if we replicate the way the coverage has been, the imbalance, the unfair pro-Obama coverage going forward, it would do a disservice in the general election.”

In his Time Mag blog last February, Halperin provided the McCain campaign with some helpful advice, specifying 16 steps they can use to defeat Obama. When readers howled in protest at his rank bias, Time was compelled to add the following disclaimer at the end of the post:

Note: This is analysis of what is likely to happen, not advice or endorsement.”

Last year, Glenn Greenwald explained what he calls:”The Mark Halperin Syndrome- whereby journalists seek to please the most radical extremists on the right”, pointing out Halperin’s “pleas on Hugh Hewitt‘s radio show for Hewitt to recognize that Halperin shares most of the Right’s views.”

[Note: As of this writing, Hewitt’s transcript pages are missing in action.]

Stock up on plenty of barf bags, folks. The corporatist media has a lot at stake in this election. For a list of some of their sleazy perception management techniques, check out
Why TV news in the US is utter rubbish
from the Guardian.

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