Our Server Sucks. . .

Republicans; Round’m up and send’m to camps
What’s wrong with this picture? One of these monkeys is not in his grave.

Dear Visitors,

If you’re reading this, well you’re lucky. Our server access has been getting bumped as often as thirty minutes every hour for a couple weeks; this means we can’t work online and you can’t see the work when you want to.

We’re moving to another server, and this will take a couple dayz; meaning the page may not load when you visit in the next few days, though of course we are assured everting gwana be fine, muddafutta.

Don’t be fickle; redouble your efforts to visit this site, and if you can’t reach it whenever you want to, we expect you to complain loudly and vociferously! (Um, to US, I guess. . . 🙂 ) See yews soon!

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