Blame It On Black Monday

The Obama folks once again understate the obvious.

Black Monday rolls into town today with a distinctively oily hue and cry, and that fulminating hoard of rats you see running along the bulwark are not rushing out to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean folderal, but are enjoying a bout of panic brought on by another classic Film Noir: The Ship of Fools.

Help!! A black man is trying to destroy my portfolio!!

And just like the telling lines from The Who‘s cautionary rat-tale ballad from the seventies, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” the McCain Campaign is too busy plumbing heretofore unexplored depths of political depravity and deception to notice the financial sky is falling. And so what if he did notice?  We’d just get an add blaming that “uppity” Obama for his mismanagement of the financial interests of kindly white folks trying to wrest a living out of Wall Street; who now must send the bill for McBush’s economic clusterphuque to Middle Class taxpayers, and hope there’s enough blood left in their collective turnip to bail their asses out yet again.

Oh, and get ready for Black Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday;  Black is Back, my puppies.

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