Like Kicking Puppies

That’s right, Grampa Fishbait, teh Beauty Queen looks like your daughter.

HYPOCRISY, Alaska— Presumtive GOP presidential nominee John McSteppedinit and his new soulmate VP may be heading to divorce court faster than you can say BabyGate. The story at Daily Kos, growing like a zygote run-amok, is unfolding as you read this. And on Labor Day;  can you dig it?

“This was not a carefully vetted decision” may be the most profound understatement of Johnnie’s career as a politician. But the shitstorm that’s about to break (No, not the one in the gulf of Mexico, but in the National Enquirer) over Palin‘s likely cover-up of her sixteen year old daughter Bristol’s child by claiming it was her own.

Pictures of her during her pregnancy are being scrubbed off websites faster than you can take a pregnancy test, but check it out:

Seven months pregnant?? (Click it)

Here’s what that looked like at a previous seventh month photo:

How would you like that camera shoved up your ass?

So, yes; somebody got some ‘splainin’ ta do. And like right farkin’ now.


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Assuming that this salacious little rumor is true, the icing on the cake would be if the father turns out to be her fired Troopergate brother in law!

    (Has anybody considered a third alternative: that the child is indeed Sarah’s, and that her 16 year old daughter was indeed pregnant, begging other significant questions?)

    I notice that the debate over at Kos alternates fiercely between ditching the diary/story and not. I’m agnostic on this at present, but would make a neuro-cognitive point.:

    The Dems only have so long to keep the Sarah as Super-Conservative narrative from taking hold in the public psyche (or more to the point, the uncommitted voters’ psyche). Stories like this can delay whatever corporatist media narrative emerges, true, but could also backfire on the Dems if they push it without adequate proof.

    Better to emphasize her actual administrative record, such as saddling the residents of Wasilla with an unnecessary developer’s lawsuit, to the tune of $3k each; her likely abuse of power and lies re Troopergate, etc.

    As for what her selection tells us about Maverick McCain’s judgment faculties, see, e.g. : “6 things Palin pick says about McCain”

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