McCAIN: “I don’t even have a Seal.”

Here she issss! Oh isn’t she cueoooooot,whadda cutieeeee cutieeeee cutieeeee pie!!

Alright,  alright— somebody give McCain a frakkin’ “seal” so we can move the debate into the realm of adult dialogue.  And will the person(s) advising McCreep who laugh everytime he says “I didn’t get voted Miss Congeniality, you know” please have your lips sown shut?

Some pithyness-ness from around the web:


From first to last, Songbird McCain showed why he should get out of politics while he has some shreds of a reputation left. From mis-characterizing Ike’s pre-D-Day notes (not a letter of resignation, but accepting all responsibility if things went badly and praising his staff and troops if things went well) to returning Obama’s closing handshake with an ill-tempered grunt, it was a poor performance. Congress can create an officer, but the officer must become a gentleman. We need serious people for our serious problems, not petulant liars.

Hey— he never got voted “Miss Congenial—. . .farck.

No country for old men:

McCain comes off as a nasty old man. His disrespect to Obama offended me greatly. I can see why McCain is hated by members of Congress. During this last week he was completely out of the loop with his own party.

Not to mention out of touch with the American people, reality, and corporeality.

Mary Hussein:

McCain “demonstrated a greater command”?! What debate were you watching? Obama looked to me to not only know the specifics involving the various hot spots around the world (locations, leaders’ names), but also understands the underlying issues. All I heard from McCain was ‘noun’, ‘verb’, ‘Ronald Reagan’. We don’t need a President dwelling on the past, we need a leader who is looking to the future. While Obama didn’t land a knock-out blow, he appeared imminently more Presidential.

Maybe he didn’t knock out a ridiculous old man out of a sense of grace;  but now America knows without a doubt that he can.

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