Who Does She Remind You Of? UPDATED

[quicktime width=”438″ height=”365″]http://www.urantiansojourn.com/wp-content/uploads/video/PalinBailin/PalinBailin-iPhone.m4v[/quicktime]

Phonetically corrected transcript:

The question from Couric was, “Why is it much more challenging there; can you explain that?”

“The logistics that we’re already suggesting here, not having eenough troops in the area right now,”  um, The…  Things like the terrain even, in Afghanistan and that border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where, you know, we believe that, um, the Bin Laden is is [sic]  hidin’ out right now and… and is still such a leader of this terrorist movement. Ah, There there er many more challenges there.

So, again, I believe that eh a surge in Afghanistan also will lead us to victory there, as it has proven, to have done in Eye-raq  en. . . as I say, Katie, that we kinnot afford to retreat, to withdraw in Eye-raq, that’s not gonna git us any better off in Afghanistan either. And as our leaders are telling us, in our military, we do need to, ramp it up in Afghanistan, counting on our friends and allies to assist with us there, becuzz these terrists— who hate Amirrica, they hate what we stand for, with the… the freedoms, the democracy, the the women’s rights, the tolerince, they hate what it is that we represent, and, our allies, too, and our friends, what they represent. If we were… were to allow a stronghold to be captured, by these terrorists, then, the world is in even greater peril than it is tehday. We kinnot afford to lose in Afghanistan.”


Of course. Bush on cocaine. Eye-Rack.
Becuzz these terrists hate whut we stand for; the freedoms; the democricy; the women’s rights (except for wage equality and control of your own body); the tolerince.

Does this woman even sound like a leader?  Is this the kind of “leadership” we need?

Leadership is vital to progress. Wisdom, insight, and foresight are indispensable to the endurance of nations. Civilization is never really jeopardized until able leadership begins to vanish. And the quantity of such wise leadership  has never exceeded one per cent of the population.

UPDATE: More with Couric; Palin explains foreign policy experience thanks to proximity of Russia to Alaska.


Oh. My. Gawd.


  1. Hi Sherry,
    I’m with you; Palin is so bad in the Couric interviews that I’m embarrassed for her. I’m also struck by how tight she sounds on the real interview sound. Her throat seems constricted and her voice is pitched higher, as often happens when women get nervous.

    But what is sadder and scarier is that so many hapless thinkers don’t see her inability to articulate intelligent and coherent thinking as any sort of disqualification for the vice-presidency. That’s the sort of abysmal ignorance plaguing our electorate.

    And McCain; this latest “suspension” stunt is seen as a willingness to dive right in courageously solve our problems. W.T.F. … Even if Obama crushes him tonight, these morons will believe just what Faux tells them: The LIBRUL PRESS lies about McCain’s debate victory!
    In fact, McCain’s website says he already won.

  2. It would be the funniest thing in the world if it were not so damnably sad and scary at the same time. Sarah is so absurd that, well, she is simply a joke. I’m so proud that Obama and his team chose to let her play it out and fall on her face without any comment. She is an insult to women and small town America. She makes us look like baffoons. I an so angry at McCain, who is one mean and ugly old man. What a piece of work.

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